Wadhwani Foundation’s primary mission is to accelerate economic development in emerging economies and drive high-value job creation through entrepreneurship, innovation and skills development. Founded in 2000 by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, today the Foundation is scaling impact in 25 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America through the following Initiatives.

Wadhwani Advantage: Partners with Startups and SMEs to establish a hyper-growth path of 2x to 10x in revenue and job growth over 3-5 years by providing advisory, strategic, and execution support services through in-house and on-demand AI-enabled network of coaches, consultants, customers, and capital providers.

Wadhwani Entrepreneur: Inspires, educates, and supports early-stage entrepreneurs through:

Wadhwani Venture Fastrack: Maximizes success rates of early-stage startups
Wadhwani Entrepreneur College: Empowers global students with an entrepreneurial mindset and skills leading to better jobs, intrapreneurship and long-term entrepreneurship
Wadhwani Events: Establishes a nationwide culture of entrepreneurship
Wadhwani Opportunity: Helps students with poor job prospects with 21st-century employability and vocational skills enabling superior placements, retention, and progression leading to family-supporting wages.

Wadhwani Innovation: Focused on accelerating world-class innovation and creating global organizations in emerging economies through their local scientists and entrepreneurs.