16 Feb 2018

Ad-Mad Show “Where creativity meets madness”

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The Ad- Mad Show “Where creativity meets madness”

Program Date:9th February , 2018

About the event -The Ad Mad Show competition is an opportunity to bring out individual and collective talent of the students participating in it. The idea behind conducting this competition is to provide a platform to participants to explore their creativity and stage presence skills. It is expected from students that they should get equipped with the knowledge of Ad-making and execution of it live. Participants are suggested that their Ad should contain the essentials of Advertisement, i.e. Clarity, provoking in nature, creativity, appeal, & simplicity.

Products / Services for the Ad Making :

  1. Shoes
  2. Mobiles/ Tablet
  3. Matrimonial service
  4. Fairness Cream for men
  5. Soft Drinks/ Mineral Water
  6. Online shopping site
  7. Deodorant
  8. Eco- friendly car
  9. Food processor
  10. Washing powder

General Judging criteria for the both rounds:-

  1. Ability to attract audience’s attention.
  2. Concept of ad
  3. Team work
  4. Voice modulation
  5. Ability to highlight the idea of product with minimum efforts
  6. Overall presentation
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