16 Feb 2018

AD MADS – The selling/advertising competition

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AD MADS – The selling/advertising competition
The sixth day of E-WEEK at BCPSR, on 15/02/2018, was filled with art and fun. AD MADS was the most exciting event awaited by the E-CELL members who wanted to show off their talents in acting and confident speech. The event took place at BCPSR seminar hall from 2PM, and was attended by the staffs and E-CELL members of BCPSR along with some guests from BCET. The topics for AD MADs were Mosquito Repellant, Conical flask, Extension Cord , Mirrors and Micropipette which were selected by members through chit selection. The participants were in solo and in groups too, and each were allotted 25 mins preparation time along with 1 min deliverance time. The crazy ideas by the participants blew the audience away, the atmosphere was bursting with energy and laughter. The highlighted acts were of the group presenting Mosquito repellent, they came up with a catch tagline song inspired by Bollywood dialogues, and the solo act on Extension Cord, who’s funny dialogues won the heart of the audience. The winner was the solo act by a new E-CELL member on Micropipette , who came up with the idea of paper made Micropipette, which got the students excited about no more caution money charges due to its durability and his skilled deliverance of the idea made his act extremely appreciated by the audience. Through the whole process the participants enjoyed and learned a lot while the audience witnessed many talented and budding minds.

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