16 Feb 2018

ARTS / CRAFTS & FOOD MELA – The second fund raising event

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ARTS / CRAFTS & FOOD MELA – The second fund raising event

The students of BCPSR have not just a strong left brain for smart thinking but also beautiful right brain for innovative thinking. The MELA at E-WEEK of BCPSR was initiated on second day (11/02/2018) at a slow pace within the college campus which reached a concluding point today on the sixth day (15/02/2018) of the E-week. This Mela was a combination of Art and Food, which included Azhar’s portraits and Nisha’s paintings exhibition & Hand-craft stall including handmade cards and pen-stands along with One Dollar Venture team’s Food Stalls that had a menu including iteams like Chat Papri, Golgappa , Sattu Sarbat, Cold drinks with jaljeera, Maggi Pakora and Tea. The enthusiasm of the members and their cooking talent let them have a sold out sale everyday. Azhar’s portraits were all sold out where as Nisha’s paintings were also sold like a landslide. The E-CELL members seem to be great chefs since their food items were sold even outside the campus and the appreciation of the public was visible through their sold out sale. This event was a huge success and a beautiful initiative by the E-CELL members of BCPSR, we hope to conduct more of such art exhibitions at places outside of our college, and the food stalls too had a huge effort in revenue generation.

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