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20 Feb 2018


The E-Week at Kumararani Meena Muthaiah College of Arts and Science was one of a kind, as faculty members joined in the celebrations by organizing a bazaar of their own. The faculty at KMRRC emphasized that it was important to bridge the gap between students and staff members. The bazaar was set up to inspire students and bring out the entrepreneur in them. The faculty also procured materials from alumni members to organize the stalls. The various stalls that were set up included snacks stall, pickles stall, sweets stall, food stall, kanji stall, games stall, saree stall, dress stall, beauty product stall, engine oil stall, book stall and juke box stall etc.

Dr B Hema, Director for Centre for Entrepreneurship said that she wanted to set an example for student entrepreneurs by bringing together faculty members for a bazaar. “I wanted the faculty to participate as I feel that inspiring students is essential, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. I got a great response from my faculty members who put up a stall each. This is our way of popularizing the entrepreneurial spirit. We had a great response as most of our faculty members are first-time entrepreneurs, having never done something similar in the past. We felt motivated and after watching us, even the students got rid of all their inhibitions.We found value in the NEN course, and if you see, most of our faculty members are women, and they are very interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the near future. What is most important is that our students are now showing more interest in the area of entrepreneurship and we hope to enroll more students into the NEN course.”

19 Feb 2018

SEC Chennai: Breaking barriers, creating wealth and living the entrepreneurial dream

Saveetha College of Engineering, Chennai concluded its week-long festivities held during E-Week 2018 recently. Under the expert guidance of its faculty members like Prof A Gandhi, Dr R Senthil Kumar and Dr N Murthy, the students organized over 110 events, 80 stalls based on 7 themes as part of the E-week celebrations. The theme for the E-Week was, “Live your entrepreneurial dream, break barriers, create wealth, change India.” Students from all batches participated in the week-long festival and were given all the support and encouragement to bring out the entrepreneur in them.

This year, the aim of E-Week at the college was to go bigger, and help every student discover the entrepreneur in them. The faculty and mentors encouraged the students to push their boundaries and become job creators, not job seekers. A plethora of innovative events were organized to bring out the entrepreneur in the participant. The events included challenges like the 50 rupees challenge where the participant was required to create products using minimal resources and market them convincingly. The 30 seconds event conducted aimed at intensifying the spontaneity, presence of mind and persuading skills of the participants.

Business planning workshops were held to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of students and push them to bring out innovation in their entrepreneurial ideas. The workshops also threw light on the benefits of being a job creator instead of a seeker, the importance of planning, time management and so on. Deriving inspiration from the zero-waste village Kuthambakkam, students were encouraged to ‘Go Green’ for E-Week. As part of the competition, they had to buy as many plant saplings as they could and the winning team’s saplings were planted in the college campus. The green initiative however, is not new to the college as SEC students have a dedicated farm where they grow their own vegetables, and encourage self sustainment in the community. The produce is then sold in the campus, and the surrounding colleges.

One of the events held during the E-Week, promoted rooftop farming, a method of cultivating food on rooftops. The practice has ecological benefits and if implemented in large scale, has great entrepreneurial potential. Another prominent event included visits to nearby villages to create awareness on entrepreneurship at small scale levels. Prof A Gandhi stressed that SEC started inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit in students 12 years ago although the word ‘entrepreneur’ hadn’t caught on. However, after the college’s collaboration with NEN and the training has helped the faculty spread awareness on entrepreneurship in a big way, he said. He also added that the interest in entrepreneurship has shot up as the risk factor has gone down in recent times. “The change is due to the number of activities and handholding that helps fledgling entrepreneurs minimize risks. For instance, there are mentors, speedy disbursement of funds, and a great ecosystem,” he added.

19 Feb 2018

Student-initiated, student-led and student-oriented: E-WEEK at Dr MGR Educational and Research Centre

Students at the MGR Educational and Research Centre, Adayalampattu, Chennai celebrated E Week 2018 with great aplomb recently. This year, everything was initiated and organized by the students, and no initiative was outsourced. For instance, be it posters, graphics or pamphlets, they were all designed and distributed by the student community at MGR. The unique part about E Week 2018 at MGR was that every student from every section and department had to participate in at least one event mandatorily. This was done to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit in every student based on their area of interest. A 24 hour tech hackathon was organized this year to encourage teams to come up with a prototype within 24 hours for a start-up idea.

“We encouraged everyone to participate, even backbenchers who rarely participate in any activities contributed to the events this year. We ensured that although participation in E-WEEK was compulsory, we didn’t force the students, instead we created a platform for them to showcase their skills in their area of interest. The events were well-co-ordinated and there were no delays as everything was done on time,” said Surya, one of the student-coordinators of the E-Cell at MGR Educational and Research Centre.

To promote women entrepreneurs, a separate platform was organized by the E-Cell members this year. To help build their marketing skills, women were encouraged to pitch their ideas as part of a separate event. Events like Rangoli were organized especially for women participants. Innovative products like the solar panel tree (it helps charge 40 devices at once), toothbrush with toothpaste, and studenter app was initiated by the students. They expect to launch the products soon and take their entrepreneurial dreams forward.

Dr J Arunkumar, assistant professor, Department of Biotechnology said, “The NEN curriculum has helped us inspire budding entrepreneurs in our college. One good thing that has come out of the E-Week is that it has brought about interaction among various departments in the college. The NEN training programme has helped us bring structure to the ideas presented by students. We plan to introduce the NEN programme in our curriculum for those interested in entrepreneurship.”

17 Feb 2018

The aura of “E-Charcha” at GLAU, Mathura

The end of E-Week marked the beginning of E- Carnival at the GLAU Campus which was the USP of their entire event. The campus was fully pumped up with the spirit of E-Week. The E-Cell and E-Leaders were one of their kind as they were unique as well as highly enthusiastic. As soon as one enters their campus the big posters and standees depict the sign of grand celebration.

The event included the E-Charcha by three entrepreneurs. The first entrepreneur speaker was Ms. Priyansha Jain, founder of” the_trend_makers_” followed by Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Founder of “”, he is the alumni of GLAU. The last E-speaker was Mr. Nishant Maniar who is a dropout himself an assistant director “VEER”. All the speakers shared their entrepreneurial journeys with inspiring thoughts which motivated the E-leaders to actually take a calculative risk and make their entrepreneurial dream come true.

Towards the end of the entire session Ms. Prajakta Koli who is a leading Indian YouTuber, runs her comedy channel “MostlySane” joined the stage sharing her story and experience. She made the surroundings quiet lively with her humour.

All the speakers were different in their idea of innovation but were so similar because they were entrepreneurs. What E-leaders rediscovered is “WE CAN, WE WILL”.

16 Feb 2018

Ad-Mad Show “Where creativity meets madness”

ad mad1 admad2 ad3 ad4

The Ad- Mad Show “Where creativity meets madness”

Program Date:9th February , 2018

About the event -The Ad Mad Show competition is an opportunity to bring out individual and collective talent of the students participating in it. The idea behind conducting this competition is to provide a platform to participants to explore their creativity and stage presence skills. It is expected from students that they should get equipped with the knowledge of Ad-making and execution of it live. Participants are suggested that their Ad should contain the essentials of Advertisement, i.e. Clarity, provoking in nature, creativity, appeal, & simplicity.

Products / Services for the Ad Making :

  1. Shoes
  2. Mobiles/ Tablet
  3. Matrimonial service
  4. Fairness Cream for men
  5. Soft Drinks/ Mineral Water
  6. Online shopping site
  7. Deodorant
  8. Eco- friendly car
  9. Food processor
  10. Washing powder

General Judging criteria for the both rounds:-

  1. Ability to attract audience’s attention.
  2. Concept of ad
  3. Team work
  4. Voice modulation
  5. Ability to highlight the idea of product with minimum efforts
  6. Overall presentation
16 Feb 2018

Teaching of Underprivileged Children II


IEM E-Cell conducts several charity drives throughout the year that are aimed to better the quality of life of several penurious and underprivileged, living in slums across the city of Kolkata. These charity drives are primarily focussed on education and learning, so that children from impoverished families can learn to read and write and craft a better future for themselves as well as their families.

On the second charity drive, the group of IEM E-Cell members visited the slums adjoining the Rashbehari, and distributed clothes, food packets and stationery articles to about 100 wistful children.

This group conducted classes on primary subjects like English and Mathematics, as well as teach them Arts & Crafts in order to capture their interest, so that more children follow their peers and come to study.

In the end, they explained the advantages of a school education and requested all children to go to school on a regular basis.


16 Feb 2018

Charity Drive II

DSC_0253 _DSC4673

Date: 14.02.2018

Time: 11:00 – 15:30

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”

Hence with the thought of making a small contribution to the society, IEM E-Cell, this year organised two charity drives, one of which was held o 14.2.18. Hundreds including faculties, students participated to make this event a success. For an entire week, we collected clothing, books and various other things which one was willing to donate. Other than that we also bought food like cakes, chocolates, biscuits, etc and copies and other stationery that are needed by the students. Astonishing enough was the response of the IEMians, students readily volunteered for the event. We visited a slum near Dhakuria and had a great time with the people there. Words fall short to describe the smile that sparkled on their faces on receiving the gifts and it was those smiles that depicted the success of our event that day.

16 Feb 2018

Have Priority In Your Own life


Never put anyone above you in your priority list ,learn one thing in your life that no one is important than you yourself in your life .No one can replace you ,you have to fight for yourself ,no one is there to fight for you.Learn to fight alone ,fight for yourself.You have to survive all … Continue reading →Become A Priority In Your Own life

16 Feb 2018



Enjoy every moment in your life. Today’s beautiful moments are tomorrow’s beautiful memories. This should bring you to a higher level of enjoyment of your daily life. Making the conscious effort to enjoy each moment will make your inner quest that much easier. Cultivating a disposition of awareness in every moment of our daily lives … Continue reading →ENJOY EVERY MOMENT
16 Feb 2018


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-16 at 00.21.17

(CEO R-Square events)Head office- Jaipur and branches in Mumbai Delhi Gurgaon .
Ramesh and Rakhi (Parents:- Reason for R^2)
Make your talk interactive. Understand the audience. 7 year back company has started. Family is important. Respect for parent is very necessary. Be grounded. Learn the value of money.
Plan your dream to make them come true.

16 Feb 2018

Success Story of Mukul Malviya

18813178_1581134308586880_6047983516629096859_n 27544790_1844574032242905_5856490049975705682_n

Our Third Year Student Mukul Malviya received many prizes and appreciations for his project “Wrapper Picker” from President of India, Prime Minister of India, DST Rajasthan and Startup fest 2017. A Session of Mukul Malviya was organized in the E-week 18 for the students of GIT. He discussed his success story & Innovation Idea and his struggle.

Recently, he represented project “Wrapper Picker” at  Startup Exhibition iCreate Campus. Honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi with Honorable Prime Minister of Israel visited the exhibition and appreciated their project. Honorable President Sh. Pranab Mukherjee appreciated the work of young technocrat Mukul Malviya and felicitated by Award . He got Second Prize at Innovate India 2017 Organized By National Research And Development Of India. He won Ideate-Student Startup Challenge in Rajasthan Startup Fest & got a cash prize of 1 Lakh and Membership for AWS Activate Program. His previous project was also appreciated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He has also awarded by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of Rajasthan at 9th Biennial Award Function on National Technology Day.


16 Feb 2018



Just go for it girl for what you have decided to do,Choose what you want to do,Do what you want to do,No one can stop you from doing things.You can change this world ,you can change this whole universe.If you determine to do anything you can do it.Just remember you have the power to hold this world in your hand.

16 Feb 2018


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 8.34.37 AM

Let us see! Webster tells us that it is:”The natural longing to possess any seeming good; eager wish to obtain or enjoy,” or in its abnormal or degenerate sense:”excessive or morbid longing; lust; appetite. ” “Desire” is a much-abused term – the public mind has largely identified it with its abnormal behavior.

16 Feb 2018


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-14 at 12.45.20 AM(2)

Never put anyone above you in your priority list ,learn one thing in your life that no one is important than you yourself in your life .No one can replace you ,you have to fight for yourself ,no one is there to fight for you.Learn to fight alone ,fight for yourself.You have to survive all … Continue reading →Become A Priority In Your Own life

16 Feb 2018


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 10.42.17 AM

External beauty is of no use unless and until you have internal beauty.Being beautiful outside doesn’t mean you are also beautiful inside and similarly being ugly outside doesn’t mean you are ugly inside.Beauty with brains is most commonly used phrase.No brains ,no beauty is what i want to say. So be beautiful inside and outside.

16 Feb 2018


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-14 at 02.17.18

Finding yourself‘ is searching for your purpose in life the reason of your existence. It is knowing yourself through your priceless daily experiences. We seem to find ourselves stuck in ruts often as we learn who we are. And maybe those ruts come so frequently because we haven’t figured out the right vices to really .

16 Feb 2018

Venture Launch

Anchit_1 Souharda_1 Vivek_1


Entrepreneurship Cell was set up at ITM Kharghar with a vision to create a suitable environment and catalyze the growth of Entrepreneurship in India. ITM E-Cell has won several accolades for it’s outstanding contribution in creating entrepreneurial mindset among youths. To celebrate the launch of student entrepreneur companies and give them a platform to engage with panelists and students.

The event made these companies official and gave them an acknowledgement to serve the country. It also gave the students inspiration to start their own ventures.


ITM is very proud their own three campus ventures that includes –

1)    80 Cross – Mr Anchit Tanwar
An online platform for a diet and fitness plan

2)    VS Works – Mr Vivek Viswanathan
– Mr Shashank Singh
An apparel and printing based company that delivers and alumni student experiences

3)    Social Legends – Souharda Nandi

An agency with video editing solutions



The event included eminent guests including – Dr Rahul Mirchandani – CMD of Aries Agro Ltd and Mr Jeffin Ani Jones of  CEO, Brand Keeda

In conclusion students were highly motivated to start their own ventures and become entrepreneurs

16 Feb 2018


11051993_348459718686993_4061349764030882558_o 11082166_348459618687003_8223826317003076122_o

The prelims for Tarkaalat were held on the 13th of February. The event kick started with the motion for the day, which was “Imposition of taxation on companies which are replacing workers/employees for robots or AI”. After a 30 minutes preparation time, the judge selected the order in which the teams would speak, based on a ballot system.

Each team comprised two members. One member would speak For the motion, the other would speak Against the motion.

Each speaker’s time was 3+1 minutes.


After each team spoke, there was a rebuttal round where any two questions were entertained from opposing teams. This was an interesting round, as it led to heated arguments and the raising of several pertinent points.

The prelims concluded with a few words from our honourable judge, who had a humorous take on the proceedings of debate.

The top 5 teams who qualify this round will be facing each other in the final to win exciting prizes.

16 Feb 2018

I2C Innovation to Commercialization

I2C was a 24hrs Invothon where all the bright innovators of Chitkara University got an opportunity to convert their innovation from a prototype to a complete business model. Innovators presented their innovation/innovative business idea in front of the aspiring/budding entrepreneurs to form teams. These teams worked together to convert the invention to a commercial product with a proper business plan under the guidance of renowned mentors of the region.

16 Feb 2018


Design Thinking will revolutionize work as we know it. The principles and processes of Design Thinking help us to approach complex problems directly, innovate collaboratively, and create holistic, sustainable solutions with a human-centered focus.CEED E-CELL in collaboration with Wadhwani E-CELL under E-WEEK 2018 on 14th February 2018 organized Design Thinking Workshop.

16 Feb 2018

IDEATE-Online Idea Submission

One Idea is enough to change your life.
Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development in association with E-CELL Chitkara University and Wadhwani Foundation NEN  brings you a welcome gift of 2018 under E WEEK 2018,”IDEATE”, an online idea submission competition that gives you an opportunity to win assured cash prize up to Rs.10k.


16 Feb 2018



“Chitkara Student Startups Club together with Clubs”

February 11th, 2018:
A CEED news release:

The Chitkara University Centre for Entrepreneurship and Education Development (CEED) in association with its student Entrepreneurship Cells from its both University Campuses conducted an exclusive meet up over Golf at the Chandigarh Golf Range. Around 54 E-cell students including CEED faculty Mentors Dr. Adarsh Aggarwal, Dr. Neha Kishore, Jugneet Bajwa and Mr.Sumeer Walia. The focus of the meet was networking,bonding of the raw creative and business minds to team up for the future, and build some unique Business Startups. The half day meet & retreat started with Golf, it was a first time experience for most of the students as they were introduced to the amazing game of Golf.

Story telling and experience sharing was another aspect of the event, around noon 3 students from Chitkara University E-CELL: Sayak, Tushar and Chirag who recently accomplished a 2 weeks Startup road show with Lead prayana team in Karnataka, shared their experiences of their travel to business, social and innovation incubators in South India. They shared their experiences meeting star mentors like Mr. Nandan Nilekani of UIDAI fame, Phanendra Sama of Redbus fame and quite a few more.

Post lunch, and after a short excursion at the breezy and beautiful Sukhna Lake, a 60 minutes Q&A was conducted with Mr. Vineet Khurana, Mentor and Vice President of Chandigarh Angels Network. Student Startups from CEED E-cell team were the key aspirants to this engagement, which was focused on raising money for Student Startups. The focus of the interaction was discussion and breaking of myths on funding needs for student startups. The session rolled into an intense Q&A and the students questions were focused on very basic fears of raising early stage capital from investors, their startup liabilities, do’s and don’ts.

The meet up ended with a 30 minutes of, one to one networking and a beautiful group picture by Chitkara University Photographer Rishab Khanna. The bonding amongst these raw minds in the lap of nature over a sport, turned out to be a learning event with some key takeaways for the swiftly growing Startup Ecosystem at Chitkara University!

16 Feb 2018


E Week was celebrated across NIE with the intention of celebrating and sensitizing entrepreneurship on campus. The student E-Cell members took to the streets and schools to help the public and students understand the nuances on entrepreneurship. Here, the students were first enlightened on the basics of innovation and the best practices of pitching an idea. They were then asked to pitch their ideas, thereby giving them real-time exposure on pitching to investors. Additionally, 55 students took the E Week pledge, with the launch of their campus startup as well.

Events such as merger and acquisition, plan to paper were also conducted in the schools, where the basics of merger and acquisitions and ideation were thought on campus through fun filled activities. A movie screening which consisted of motivational videos were also showcased to motivate young entrepreneurs on campus. The screening saw a footfall of about 65-70 participants.
An event called “Jugaad”, which was a business simulation game helped participants understand the different situational variables involved while in running a startup. The event saw a massive footfall of more than 75 participants, who fought for a place in the finals. An interesting session called the “back to route” saw both current and student entrepreneurs talk about their journeys and learnings from the system.

A mentorship talk was also given by the alumni Vice President, Onyx where he spoke about the challenges he faced as an entrepreneur, the benefits of being an entrepreneur and the motivations behind becoming an entrepreneur.

Various public awareness campaigns and public interaction sessions like flash mobs in places such as the Mysore Railway Station, Mysore Palace, and the local mall were also conducted and run by the students. The main objective was to understand the attitude and mindsets of people towards entrepreneurship, and help bridge the gap with more people becoming aware of it. The volunteers were then asked to fill in questionnaires to help understand the mindset towards entrepreneurship in India. They volunteers also interviewed foreigners they met at the station to get an understanding of their outlook towards entrepreneurship in their respective countries which was then compared to the models that are currently functional in India. At the end of every campaign, the students then briefed the participants about the reason behind the workshop and the implications it will have on the mindsets of people. The students also visited local shops and interviewed the vendors, to get an understanding of their outlook and awareness about entrepreneurship in theory and practice.

The signature event was a panel discussion which was attended by more than 200 students which was a huge success and also marked the end of the event. The efforts of the student leaders and the faculty made it possible for the event to be a huge success at the NIE campus.

16 Feb 2018


E Week on campus has always been a gala occasion at MCC, Bangalore. This year was no different. The week started off with a social awareness campaign at Cubbon Park. Here the students were encouraged to understand the nuances of design thinking and its application in the field of entrepreneurship. Some of the events planned with the intent to raise awareness amongst the people were flash mobs, stall setups and a panel discussion. The panel discussion was themed “live your entrepreneurial dream” and was a platform where entrepreneurs spoke about their story and how they got their startups, up and running. All the events were learning specific and was an initiative lead by the college E-Cell to impart knowledge to the students and the public about entrepreneurship.

An interesting event that was showcased at MCC for the first time was the “Startup Crunch.” Here, the students were given the opportunity to pitch to investors and raise funds for their startups. The event ran parallel to the concept of Shark Tank and saw many participants competing for the final honors.

Other event known as the MCC Santhe, a typical flee market was run to help encourage the community entrepreneurs who don’t have mentors and to connect them with the same. A one-day community workshop was also organized which saw a footfall of more than 11k participants. Here, the local entrepreneurs were given a chance to connect with mentors based on a specific business challenge they were facing. This was a conscious effort to help one understand the role mentoring plays in the success or failure of a venture.

The “startup internship day” was a one-of-a-kind event where the students were allowed to participate in an internship drive, whose registrants were only startups. This would not only help students understand what it takes to run a business, but also enable them to imbibe key leadership qualities and abilities to make them the successful leaders of tomorrow.

“The intent of our E-Cell is to enable and empower students and budding entrepreneurs to become job providers rather than just job seekers. Being a women driven organization, it is highly important to make the women have key leadership qualities and empowered them with skill development to help them become more equip in the art of running startups.”
-Prof Sumita, Faculty, Mount Carmel College (MCC)

Amongst other events was a panel discussion which saw stalwarts from various fields grace the occasion and talk about their experiences, insights and learnings encountered while running their startups. A Q&A session, also helped the students gain insight into specific challenges they were facing in their life.

An interesting manner in which the E-Cell raises funds is by selling merchandize such as candles, baked products and other gifting material at the santhe. The E-Cell also uses the system of shares where the students can buy shares and would also receive dividends as per the performance of the event. This is an interesting manner to introduce the basics of shares and the market to the students and at the same time also make profits which would help run the events planned out for E Week.

On speaking with the E-Leaders, the one common thought that resonated was the fact that most of these E-Leaders had seen a significant change in the way they see entrepreneurship on a whole. The additional qualities that E-Leaders and E-Cell members vouch to have mastered are leadership and communication skills which will help make them the leaders of tomorrow, who will further enable the future of tomorrow, to live their entrepreneurial dream.

16 Feb 2018

E-Talk for Mechanical Engineering

20915633_1672722499428060_7075607549010481910_n 20953506_1672722496094727_5356154969173719205_n

E-Talk was organized for Mechanical Engg. Students. The speaker was Mr. Kapil Megharani, alumni of
Global Institute of Technology and co-founder of He is also the youth chair of ISHRE & connected to START-UP oasis by TATA.
He enlightened students about various aspects of entrepreneurship and start-up eco-system. He also gave the general concept of government formalities and rules and regulations, locations and different aspects of the industrial venture to start a Small-scale Industry (SSI) unit. After a short break,  the discussion was about various technical and commercial aspects of SSI, after that the salient features of project report covering financial aspects of SSI. He also gave brief idea of support and financial support available from government agencies, banks, and other financial institutes and formalities required to be completed. He also spoke about different successful start-ups in our country and particularly of Rajasthan.

16 Feb 2018

B-Plans discussion

27072375_1826095764090732_1317446079963147622_n 26903749_1826095760757399_8472171018874536185_n 27072490_1826095957424046_1909289682199462567_n

A Seminar on Business Plan Simulation & Execution was organized for Final Year Students at Global Institute of Technology. Mr. Sumit Srivastava, Founder, Gensus Edutainers and his team members motivated students about Identification of opportunities for Entrepreneurs. He talked about managing different departments and functions of a simulated enterprise in teams. Seminar enabled participants to gain insights into all functional areas of a startup: marketing, production, finance and controlling.  At the end of the session, Dr. Renu Joshi, Director, GIT felicitated Guest Speaker Mr. Srivastava.

16 Feb 2018


Enjoy every moment in your life. Today’s beautiful moments are tomorrow’s beautiful memories.

This should bring you to a higher level of enjoyment of your daily life. Making the conscious effort to enjoy each moment will make your inner quest that much easier. Cultivating a disposition of awareness in every moment of our daily lives helps us to experience life with greater mindfulness in each passing .

16 Feb 2018

Be Beautiful Inside not Outside


External beauty is of no use unless and until you have internal beauty.Being beautiful outside doesn’t mean you are also beautiful inside and similarly being ugly outside doesn’t mean you are ugly inside.Beauty with brains is most commonly used phrase.No brains ,no beauty is what i want to say. So be beautiful inside and outside. Continue reading Be Beautiful Inside not Outside

16 Feb 2018



SHRI NAREN BAKSHI AT SKIT COLLAGE 4TH DAY OF E Waren is a serial entrepreneur currently focused on creating highly scalable organizations that bring global practices to Indian companies. He is also involved with several non-profits both in Silicon Valley and in India. Naren’s career included stints as CIO of Fortune 100 banks and at Standard Oil and corporate development at TRW that led to acquisition and growth of several new businesses. In 1991, Naren co-founded Versata, a company that went public in 2000 with over $ 1 Billion valuation and was acquired by Trilogy in 2006. Versata pioneered the use of business rules to create and maintain business applications and IBM licensed its technology. At Versata, Mr. Bakshi served as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.  EEK HE IS GIVING HIS ENTREPRENEURSHIP KNOLEDGE         AND HE IS A

16 Feb 2018

GTC Entrepreneur Café

11 12

EDC Cell of GTC with world class Entrepreneurs organized a successful event ‘GTC Entrepreneur Café
‘in the Campus. The aim of Entrepreneurs Cafe was to set up a platform for connecting the budding Start-ups, looking out for their Jarvis to help them and reach the level they have envisioned, with the young students waiting for the opportunities to enhance their skill set. The event produced many success stories with students being selected by the companies, who participated in the Entrepreneur Café. Our Alumni Mr. Sumit Budania (CEO, Sworntech Pvt. Ltd), Mr. Saurabh Pachauri (Executive – Human Resources at
Jugnoo), Mr. Mayank Tiwari (Engineer (electrical) at Vidhyut Bhawan Department Of Energy Govt. Of
Rajasthan) were chief guests.

16 Feb 2018

Content Writing Competition Day 1

DSC_0029 DSC_0030

IEM E-Cell organised a Content Writing competition as a part of E-Week 2018.The prelims were held on 13th February. Students participated individually. They were given the topic on spot to write within 250 words in 30 mins.Top 7 participants were selected to qualify for the final round. The contents were judged on the basis of grammar, originality, vocabulary and creativity.Top 3 contestants are to be declared winners.

16 Feb 2018

Machine Learning Workshop Day 1

DSC_0099 DSC_0098

Nowadays, with the advancement of machine learning, technology is reaching new heights. As a result, the different branches of machine learning are emerging from the domain. One such area is known Image Processing. Computer Vision and Machine Learning are two core branches of Computer Science that can function, and power very sophisticated system that rely on CV and ML algorithms exclusively but when you combine the two, you can achieve even more. Keeping that in mind, IEM E-Cell organized ‘Image Processing with OpenCV” workshop for 2 days on 13th February and 15th February taken by Tapabrata Mukherjeee, IEDC member. This workshop was attended by a large number of students interested in Image Processing. On that day basics of Image Processing were covered. The topics included colour spaces, image processing, such as blur, smooth, transformation and edge detection, Haar classifier and many more. It was hands-on session in which participants were assigned a small task based on their limited knowledge. They were constantly guided by the instructor and volunteers helped in clearing doubts of the participants. They were excited about learning a new topic and were eagerly waiting for the next day of the workshop

16 Feb 2018

My Story

Krafty DSC_0540

An event named “My Story!” was organized by the E-Cell of IEM, Kolkata comprising the stories of some eminent from renowned ventures generating huge amount of revenues through their Start-up ideas with the aim of inspiring all the aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience to lead their way overcoming all the hurdles which come in their path. The Founder of Krafty Chocolates, Mr. Souvik Ghosh, was called whose ideas were simple but brought revolutionary change in the market. The aim of the event was to introduce the audience to the present marketing scenario and challenges which might be faced if they wish to proceed in that direction and how they could be handled. The active participation and enthusiasm of audience and mentors added new colours to the event. The event also introduced some new aspiring entrepreneurs in the league of existing ones which in itself depicts the success of the event.