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16 Feb 2018

Day 6 of e-week 2018 Jaipuria,Jaipur

maha mandi experience 1 maha mandi experience 2 maha mandi experience 3

Jaipuria Maha Mandi

“What we really need is a mindset shift that will make us relevant to today’s consumers;a mindset shift from ‘telling and selling’ to building relationships.”

The participants shared their valuable experience of working on the streets and selling their products,which were made by children of various NGOs.Thus,selling these products not only gave an insight into consumer behaviour but immense satisfaction to Jaipuria students as the money collected from sales would be used for the welfare of children of NGOs.


16 Feb 2018

Signature Campaign Day 3


IEM E-Cell organized a signature campaign during the celebration of NEN E-Week in association with Wadhwani Foundation. The last day of this campaign, on the 14th of February, saw the maximum participation. The campaign covered the members of E-Cell, professors and students of the college along with the visitors of the events. They signed to show collaboration towards the E-Cell enterprise, gave feedback, comments and other views regarding the same.Their comments are important for the betterment and development of IEM E-Cell.

16 Feb 2018

Signature Campaign Day 2

DSC_0862 DSC_0856

IEM E-Cell organized a signature campaign during the celebration of NEN E-Week in association with Wadhwani Foundation. The second day of this campaign, held on 13th February, was met with even more enthusiasm than the first one. The campaign covered the members of E-Cell, professors and students of the college along with the visitors of the events. They signed to show collaboration towards the E-Cell enterprise, gave feedback, comments and other views regarding the same. Their comments are important for the betterment and development of IEM E-Cell.


16 Feb 2018

Signature Campaign Day 1

DSC_0863 DSC_0865

IEM E-Cell organized a signature campaign during the celebration of NEN E-Week in association with Wadhwani Foundation. The first day of this campaign was held on the 11th of February. The campaign covered the members of E-Cell, professors and students of the college along with the visitors of the events. They signed to show collaboration towards the E-Cell enterprise, gave feedback, comments and other views regarding the same. Their comments are important for the betterment and development of IEM E-Cell.

16 Feb 2018

Science Model Exhibition Day 2

DSC_0014 DSC_0732

IEM E-Cell has always been a stern believer in the fact that innovation leads to progress. This E-Week, IEM E-Cell has done its part in promoting innovations by hosting a 5-Day long Science Model Exhibition in the Gurukul Campus of IEM.

The second day of the science model exhibition held on the 13th of February was met with even more enthusiasm. Some of the models showcased by the students included –

Quadcopter – A smaller drone with GPS navigation

Hex copter – A drone with six arms, complete autonomous take-off and landing; GPS and camera-enabled

Airplane – An airplane with IC engine

Air Glider – An airplane with belly landing mechanism

Air Mouse – A system where anyone can control all the mouse features(navigation and click) by his/her head movement.

CNC Plotter – A small sized graphics plotter.

Augmented Reality Switch – A virtual switch to control home appliances.

3d Reconstructor – A system which can make 3d image reconstruction from multiple 2d images.

Object Defect Detector – A machine to detect and separate defective object produced in a factory assembly line.

Hacker Bot – A portable machine to check the security of a network.

This exhibition was very appreciated by everyone who witnessed it. It was indeed one of the crowd pullers of this E-Week.

16 Feb 2018

MOVIE by PROYAS- The Sundarban

IMG-20180215-WA0044 IMG-20180215-WA0059 IMG-20180215-WA0058 IMG-20180215-WA0062 IMG-20180215-WA0061

MOVIE by PROYAS- The Sundarban

The sixth day of E-WEEK at BCPSR was graced by being the premiering venue of the documentary by PROYAS team based on the lifestyle of people of Sunderbans. The team of Proyas includes SAGNIK GHOSH, SHAIBAL GHOSH, SOUMYA DEB SARKAR, SUBHAJIT DAS AND SAYAN SIL, who are our talented E-CELL members of BCPSR. They completed the entire documentary registering the problems and conditions of the human lifestyles at Sunderban without any external funding. It mainly highlights on the problems that the residents of Sunderban faces with no help from the authorities. It creates an  awareness among the masses about the situation of residents surviving under the fragile risks to bring the situation to the spotlight so that help reaches the victims. The gathered audience appreciated their work and asked about details to extend their helping hand towards the victims, thus the entire documentary had a positive effect towards the issue which the Proyas team stood for. We hope the team of Proyas evolves with their work and take their talent to a beautiful pinnacle, with E-CELL of BCPSR by their side.

16 Feb 2018

E-Week 2018 Day 6 (Life of an entrepreneur)

2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000072 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000067 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000071 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000060 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000066

In an effort to create a better world, an entrepreneur solves its problems one step at a time. And with that, he creates a beautiful story of life. today, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida’s E-Cell, as a part of E-Week celebrated such stories in their event “Life of an Entrepreneur”. In this competition, judged by Prof. BD Nathani, Students shared the life stories of their favorite entrepreneurs. The participants were tested for their knowledge of the entrepreneur, their fluency and presentation skills. As for results, Kritika Fuloria stood first while Vishakha Singh Took second place. In his closing address, Prof BD Nathani enlightened the students about what passion means to an entrepreneur and how sheer dedication can make any professional or personal dream and reality.
16 Feb 2018


2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000049 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000053 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000277 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000048 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000276

The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.
Following the similar lines, poster making competition was organized on 15 February 2018, wherein the participants were to make posters on the themes, “Digital India” or ” “Entrepreneurship”.
The participants were full of enthusiasm and made amazing posters.
The first prize was given to Mr. Saurabh from JD Institute of fashion technology, whereas there was a tie for the second position between Arushi, Manvi and Sushmita and Shirjeev.
Overall it was an event full of enthusiasm and energy.
16 Feb 2018

Campus Company Launch : Live your Dream be an Entrepreneur

IMG-20180215-WA0092 Slide1 IMG-20180215-WA0057 IMG-20180215-WA0060 IMG-20180215-WA0047

Even date:15th February 2018


It’s a great moment of honour for any institute when, even a student heads towards something big. It takes something in achieving a degree and takes a lot of effort in doing something great out of what we learnt.
Rohan Bhosale  Computer Engineering student from our institute came up with an idea which would benefit not only students from our college but also students pursuing degrees from other institutes. The basic idea of his project was to provide students with a service for buying books online.
Our Institute as an encouragement provided him with a platform to launch his idea. Wherein, Rohan Bhosale and his team launched their Android application SEGVIT and gave a brief idea of all the provision of the services. This application includes buying and selling books online.Also, services such as Laundry, Doctor, Plumber and many more such services.
This idea being self-established is a great moment of pride for the Institute. With the grand launch event of the Company’s product SEGVIT COO Mr Rohan Bhonsale also gave his thoughts about difficulties faced during establishment of his company, his history, journey toward business, marketing strategies also Mr. Rohan Bhonsale acknowledge students on how to handle and live the real time situations .
With a great Great Start of the Company the Event also had a good momentum till the end. The SEGVIT also gave gratitude towards E-Cell Dr.D Y Patil SOET for providing them a good platform for a launch .

16 Feb 2018


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.46.05 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.46.03 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.46.04 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.46.02 PM

Decoller team of VGU and VIT Campus, Jagatpura organized E-
Raahgiri as a part of E-Week 2018, on 11 th February 2018,
Sunday, at Gaurav Tower, conducted by National
Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).
The purpose of this event was to create awareness among
youth about Entrepreneurship and various social issues
prevailing in the society.
Nukkad Natak, Flash mob, musical performances and
audience participation were the jaw-dropping events of this
The crowd got motivated and energized as the seed of
entrepreneurship was building in their heart.

16 Feb 2018

AD MADS – The selling/advertising competition

IMG-20180215-WA0051 IMG-20180215-WA0040 IMG-20180215-WA0052 IMG-20180215-WA0041 IMG-20180215-WA0043

AD MADS – The selling/advertising competition
The sixth day of E-WEEK at BCPSR, on 15/02/2018, was filled with art and fun. AD MADS was the most exciting event awaited by the E-CELL members who wanted to show off their talents in acting and confident speech. The event took place at BCPSR seminar hall from 2PM, and was attended by the staffs and E-CELL members of BCPSR along with some guests from BCET. The topics for AD MADs were Mosquito Repellant, Conical flask, Extension Cord , Mirrors and Micropipette which were selected by members through chit selection. The participants were in solo and in groups too, and each were allotted 25 mins preparation time along with 1 min deliverance time. The crazy ideas by the participants blew the audience away, the atmosphere was bursting with energy and laughter. The highlighted acts were of the group presenting Mosquito repellent, they came up with a catch tagline song inspired by Bollywood dialogues, and the solo act on Extension Cord, who’s funny dialogues won the heart of the audience. The winner was the solo act by a new E-CELL member on Micropipette , who came up with the idea of paper made Micropipette, which got the students excited about no more caution money charges due to its durability and his skilled deliverance of the idea made his act extremely appreciated by the audience. Through the whole process the participants enjoyed and learned a lot while the audience witnessed many talented and budding minds.

16 Feb 2018

E-Week 2018 Day 6 (WOLF OF DALAL STREET)

2018-02-15-PHOTO-00009118 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00009121 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000040 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000045 2018-02-15-PHOTO-00000037


Entrepreneurship a word that contains a world in itself, for some, it’s about making a profit, and for some, it’s about creating the job. But, entrepreneurship is here to transform the world by solving bigger problems. Like initiating social changes, creating an innovative product or designing a new life-changing solution.

E-week (Udyamita) 2018


Event: Wolf of Dalal Street

Date &Timing:15/02/2018 &1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Dare to be Entrepreneur is a quiz event.

Virtual trading is one of the most fun ways to test one’s knowledge and to learn something new regarding Stock Market, in order to create a buzz we designed an exciting competition with an attractive prize for the students, there were 10 teams in total and they all participated with zeal.

Where we Provide Virtual Trading facility to participants with the help of in which we provide 1 Crore virtual money to each Participants team and told them to invest in stock Market. To check them a power of analysis and Knowledge participants have. And the result will be announced soon.

16 Feb 2018

ARTS / CRAFTS & FOOD MELA – The second fund raising event

IMG-20180215-WA0047 IMG-20180215-WA0046 IMG-20180215-WA0050 IMG-20180215-WA0049 IMG-20180215-WA0048

ARTS / CRAFTS & FOOD MELA – The second fund raising event

The students of BCPSR have not just a strong left brain for smart thinking but also beautiful right brain for innovative thinking. The MELA at E-WEEK of BCPSR was initiated on second day (11/02/2018) at a slow pace within the college campus which reached a concluding point today on the sixth day (15/02/2018) of the E-week. This Mela was a combination of Art and Food, which included Azhar’s portraits and Nisha’s paintings exhibition & Hand-craft stall including handmade cards and pen-stands along with One Dollar Venture team’s Food Stalls that had a menu including iteams like Chat Papri, Golgappa , Sattu Sarbat, Cold drinks with jaljeera, Maggi Pakora and Tea. The enthusiasm of the members and their cooking talent let them have a sold out sale everyday. Azhar’s portraits were all sold out where as Nisha’s paintings were also sold like a landslide. The E-CELL members seem to be great chefs since their food items were sold even outside the campus and the appreciation of the public was visible through their sold out sale. This event was a huge success and a beautiful initiative by the E-CELL members of BCPSR, we hope to conduct more of such art exhibitions at places outside of our college, and the food stalls too had a huge effort in revenue generation.

16 Feb 2018

E-WEEK: Day 6

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 7.05.12 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 5.59.07 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 7.06.18 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 6.06.48 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 5.14.42 PM

Day 6:

Live Your Entrepreneurial Dream – Break Barriers. Create Wealth. Change India.
These few words created a great impact here on the students of Parul University.
Day 6 of E-WEEK was totally dedicated to the term called “IDEA”. Because an Idea is the first step of Start-up.
Therefore, in the early morning around 10:00 AM, Team Utkrama conducted a very renowned activity called “IDEA GENERATION”.
Students form different departments participated in the activity and created teams among themselves. They were introduced to various basic terms of market and Idea related schemes and were given a specific time to come up with the idea for the next procedure called Validating.
This session and activity was basic and hence to give them an idea about some complexities of market, we’ve conducted a session on “Finance, Equity and Revenue Model” by Jignesh Upadhyay Sir, Head Finance, Parul University.
He pointed out every pros and cons related to each and every term and listed out very basic outlines as well as classifications leading to each term.
After this informative session, Team Utkrama invited Mr. Chirag Munjani, Founder of Rural Pleasure, a very calm and down to earth person, IIM alumni, left his job at Bajaj Automobiles just to serve people at rural areas through his Start-up.
His journey was full of difficulties and he took every step with calculated risk, showing the true nature of an Entrepreneur.
As Paulo Coelho said – Nothing can overcome experience. So was Mr. Munjani explained thorugh his session.
All’s well that ends well and so was Day 6 of E-WEEK at Parul University.
16 Feb 2018

Felicitation of famous comedian; The legend….. Dr. Rahat Indouri Sahab

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.27.10 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.27.06 PM

Every entrepreneur has their own strengths and weaknesses. And while mentors can certainly help make the strengths even stronger, it’s usually even more valuable to have someone who can give advice in areas where you’re struggling. Dr. Rahat Indouri was quite impressive when it came to giving an E-talk to our E-leaders as well as the Management.

16 Feb 2018

Commercial & Financial aspects, assistance from Govt. agencies and Venture Capitalists

3 4 5 1 2

15th Feb 2018 started with Mr. Ashok Sinha Roy, GM – District Industries Centre, Howrah helping the students with concepts on “How to start a Micro & Small units, its Technical, Commercial & Financial aspects, assistance from Govt. agencies and its rules and regulations etc.” and Mr. Ganesh Chandra Bhowal , Retd. Lead District Manager,Director, United Bank Rural Self Employment Training Institute, National Awardee by GoI (MoRD)in Rural entrepreneurship addressed on “Support and financial assistance from Govt. agencies, banks, financial institutions and Venture Capitalists (VC), Angel Investors (AI) etc.”

16 Feb 2018

Sports fest

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.15.14 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.15.12 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.15.09 PM

There are many ways to reach the mountain’s peak but the view from the top is always the same”. As an entrepreneur, you rarely walk on a paved road. You have to pave your trail yourself as the trail is mostly on uncharted land. You need to accept the fact that hardship is part of the journey and that you have to keep pushing forward.

16 Feb 2018

Workshop on Importance of E-Cell in Campus

IMG_8694_result iec

“What is E-CELL? How does an E-Cell work? And what are the qualities needed to become an E Leader” 
These are the questions answered vividly on the first day(13.02.2018) of the IMPORTANCE OF E-CELL AND E-LEADERS IN CAMPUS WORKSHOP organized by IEM E-Cell. This workshop not only aimed at creating awareness amongst students but also made them realize through different activities the traits required for becoming a successful E-Leader. Colleges like Techno India College of Technology, B.P. Poddar, UEM Kolkata, and many more eminent institutes of the city became a part of it and shared their views with the faculty co-coordinator and chairman of IEM E-Cell Prof. Avijit Bose who took care of all their queries.

The theme of this year E-Week – “Live Your Entrepreneurial Dream! Break barriers. Create wealth. Change India.” Clearly echoed in his speech as he presented slides about all the students of IEM who showed the courage of breaking the shackles of student life, rejected 10-5 work schedule and dreamt of starting up their own company and are all well established now. He tried to motivate the students by stating examples from around the globe as well. And he slowly touched the points how an E-Leader is an essential part to make the dreams of budding entrepreneurs of the campus come true.


The first day of the workshop was thus a great success.

16 Feb 2018


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.03.44 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 11.03.49 PM

The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.

A photography workshop by our E-leader Ahaan was one such event which was aimed at polishing the photography skills of the novices using the street side props.

16 Feb 2018

Alumni success Stories

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 10.44.51 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 10.44.46 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 10.44.45 PM

Motivation is a force which drives the complete human race and this is something that is an inherent trait. We were blessed to have some of the best speakers based in and out of Jaipur to have a moment and inspire us by their words of wisdom.

It is rightly said that;”Do not ever compromise on quality. Never lose your self-confidence. Believe in yourself and the product you are making. Third, always stick to what you know. When you employ people, you should know what you ask them to do”.

16 Feb 2018

Android Workshop Day 1

DSC_0691 DSC_0690

Android Workshop was conducted from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm by  Sohan Dutta and Abhishek Prasad who promised to make it a successful event for the E-Week. With promising aspects of the workshop, the audience embarked on a learning journey.

The participants were asked to bring at least one laptop per group so that they can have a clear idea how android works. The workshop was aimed at ground level learning which would proceed onto intermediate and then to advanced learning session gradually. The workshop spanned over two days so the pace was kept steady. It was ensured that no one is left behind. So whenever a topic was completed, a doubt clarification session was done.  

After the day’s session was over, a  questionnaire was handed out which helped the participants evaluate themselves. Thus, it was a gearing up for the rest of the session to be held on the following day.

16 Feb 2018

Internship Fair Day 3


With a chasm in internships and students interested and also the dearth of opportunities for students to experience the working of a start-up realm, The E-cell of IEM was proud to organise the Startup Internship Fair. Start-ups, from all stages of establishment, visited the campus. The students interacted with the said start-ups to learn and get a feel for the realms of working of particular start-ups. With the demand-supply laws at play, the student and start-ups strived to create a mutual synergy of sorts.

Hiring is by far the biggest challenges faced by startups and ironically the least addressed.IEM E-Cell has been helping startups hire talents and finally, we’ve taken it to the next level. It’s an awesome opportunity for startups to hire best talents not just from IEM but also from other top colleges across KOLKATA.

Startups got a chance to interact and hire students through Speed Interview and got the best talent for their startup. Students interacted with startups and got a chance to earn their own Startup Internship. They Experienced the wonderful world of startup, its glamour and its challenges

On the third day of internship fair Distronix, one of the startup by an IEM ALUMNI visited our campus. They interacted with quite a number of students. It benefited many students with internships.

16 Feb 2018



Every time you wake up in the morning wake up with a determination to do something good,to do something effective doing useless things is of no matter and never sleep unless and until you are satisfied with your achievement.Dreams are not that which we see during we sleep,dreams are those which doesn’t let us to … Continue reading →Wake up with Determination ,Go to bed with Satisfaction

16 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts”#7


It started with a regular hangout – discussing the memories of last E-week. 
Narrating the stories about E-week 2k16, when I attended the speaker sessions, involved myself into the city level events organised by E-Cell Acropolis , 
put up the stall in the street bazaar in my first year of college, getting excited to organise it this time, Bigger and bolder than ever!
All I knew was that the 10th edition of E-week at Acropolis should be something no one has ever experienced. 

I did not engage myself as the member of organising committee in the E-week 2k16, but I have seen people working day and night to make this week memorable. 
I have experienced the fun and frolic of E-week 2k16 but was unaware of the efforts and hard work behind the success of that event.

Nervous by the pressure to exceed the standards, I began to prepare for the events 2 months prior the E-week dates.
From framing an invitation for students to preparing creative’s, 
from looking out for sponsors to the in-house marketing – it had been a crazy journey with a life lesson.

Here begins the story of an exquisite chapter of my E-Cell journey!!

It was in my head day and night. This time I got to know the dance behind the curtains. 
I was all up and down, managing all work. Out of all, I got a little more than lucky as this time I had a very hard working team.
9th Feb was much of anxiety and nervousness. 
Reviewing the checklist again and again, looking at all the preparations for the hundredth time and what not?

The complete team stayed back at college till 10 at night. Working and enjoying together – indeed the best time. 
The preparations were all done. Tent was set, college was decorated, everything on the checklist as crossed. 
Heading back to home, the only thing in my mind was a prayer, a hope that everything goes right in the coming week!

Night was longer than ever, seemed like the sun didn’t wish to show up!

The first day of the Entrepreneurship week had begun!The morning had been no less frenzy than the entire month, because after all this was the judgement day. 
The hard work of entire month had to be proven today.The stalls were put up, students came in ready with their stuff, and Adastraa had been setup. 
In the Auditorium Pitch Biz was held, the start-ups were prepared to pitch and give their best shot in front of the panel of investors. 
In the other hall, the girl student entrepreneurs from all over the country were pitching their ideas. In every corner of Acropolis, in every department, there was some or other event going on.
As the students begin to turn up, anxiety grew! The happy and satisfied faces gave a big relief.

The appreciation motivated us all for the complete week. As it is said, well begun is half done! It really felt true!

E-week is not just some ordinary week, it is not just an event - It is an emotion, a feeling that bonded us all together and left some precious memories and lessons for lifetime!!
16 Feb 2018



The process of translating an idea or invention into a goods or service that creates value or for which customers will pay.To be called an innovation,an idea must be replicable at an economical cost and must satisfy a specific need.innovation involves deliberate application of information,imagination and initiative in deriving greater or different values from resources,and … Continue reading →Innovation

16 Feb 2018



Business Ethics is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment.It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organisation.Some of the business ethics are like responsibility,Loyalty,Commitment,Reliability,Accountability,etc.

16 Feb 2018

Give What You Can

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 7.51.38 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 7.51.27 PM

Never complaint about the problems in your life because you have never seen the problems of poor .They don’t have shelter to live ,no food to eat still they are living their life happily.Instead of complaining try to give you have and what you can ,try to help them,try to solve their problems ,then see what life will give you back,it’s all about living in brotherhood.

16 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts”#6


The Entrepreneurship Week started with a usual BANG @Acropolis, 
but in a different style this year.The year long awaited enthusiasm and exuberant fun added more colours and jollity to the E-Week launch this year. 
Ecell buds did an amazing job in arranging the transport vehicles into E-Week formation with marvellous videographic view via drone.
Flashmob performance repleted the entire campus with breeze of entrepreneurship E-Week.
So we had a very great beginning but maintaining that phase is more important now, our team members were all at their best to make this happen.
They did creative work that really amazed me how creative todays members are.
I have seen three E-Week from the day I am in E-Cell .As the years pass by members became more energetic and far more imaginative.
We have decided all the events in such a way that no one should be left behind, every one should be painted with the colour of entrepreneurship.
My experience and todays leaders way of work have made a mark.
Never in my E-Cell journey we have the experience of having PitchBiz, TEDx, Krishiutthan. But you see now its a reality.We are organising such big events with the team by our side.
I have realised this in my entire journey of E-Cell,"All together in, we can make difference".
We never let the burden on us shatter our fun ,we somehow find our own way of fun. I now did not see my people as team they are now a family,

We fight, We argue, We agree, we disagree but at the end we are family.
Maybe this is why the title (the only week that counts).I always get emotional thinking about moments.
I love my team, I love my E-Cell.


16 Feb 2018

Rangoli–Colors of Life

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 7.31.11 PM

Rangoli represents the beautiful colors of life.It gives us the energy,the good vibes,the positive vibes to live  our life happily.Colors represents various moods of ours like red represents anger ,pink represents happiness,yellow represents bright side of life where as black represent the dark side.Different people have different perspectives towards different colors.

16 Feb 2018



And when you enter college for the very first time, with lots of desires in your eyes you always dream of living those days which can make you an entirely different person. 
Well, E Week gives you those days and so much more that you can cherish for life. 

Being first year student,I attended my First E-Week as an audience. But what attracted me was some heart core people working, running, shouting and doing every possible stuff. 
And from that day I always dreamt of being one of those people.Soon I joined E Cell and that was the first step towards my desire. 
Hundreds of events lined up, executed simultaneously, thousands of audiences and one team. 
The team who spent their full day and even nights doing work, the team who work madly, the team who face goods and bad's together. And the only motto is E WEEK.
Nothing else really matters when your heart and soul is doing a work that you want. That hunger of wining something makes you do every possible thing.
Being part of the that team who is aiming to win everything makes me feel proud.
I always think of the days when me and my friend use to think may be some day we could be at the place of our seniors.
We were never made to be audience ,may be a participant and above all the organiser, the day we saw E-week 2015 we thought we have to be in committee
Who knew that it was just not like our perception it is way more.
A pool of experience, learning and  moments which we will praise till eternity.

Thank You E-Week for giving me memories and making me learn the traits of life.

16 Feb 2018

Headstart Higher II A startup Internship cum Job Fair II

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 4.39.31 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 4.39.35 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 4.39.33 PM

As said by Steve Jobs “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Headstart Higher was India’s most successful startup hiring event which was organized in collaboration with GCEC (Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce) .It was organized in a unique speed dating format, in whichparticipating startups identify and connect with skillful people who are smart and get things done, and have a go-getting attitude along with the ability to work hard.It was a fair in which technical and non-technical students were hired by startups.

16 Feb 2018

School event

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 4.22.46 PM (1) WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 4.22.46 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 4.22.49 PM

Awareness allows us to get outside of our mind and observe it in action”. In “School Outreach”, a team of students visited various schools in the city and created awareness about entrepreneurship among school students so that the young minds could know about the importance of entrepreneurial skills .

16 Feb 2018



Paricharcha was a platform where successful entrepreneurs enriched students with the different facets of entrepreneurship based on their experiences. The panel also stimulated the knack and aptitude amongst students to be entrepreneurs; and motivated them to be job providers rather than job seekers and will motivate them to accomplish their entrepreneurial dream. The resource person for Paricharcha-2018 was Ms. Richa Lodha Singhi, Founder, Itra, The Plant Studio, Mr. Nikanj Pareek, Founder, Shree Anupamam , Interior Products & Office Furniture, Ms. Suhani Sood, Associated Partner, Blackwood Architects, Director, Heritance Design, Mr. Vijendra Shekhawat, Founder, Elephant Paper, Ms. Sheela Soni, Owner, e-Mitra and Banking Correspondence and Ms. Shilpa Arora, Owner, Fashion Apparels – “Rang “.

16 Feb 2018

Transforming Lives II spread happiness II

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 3.58.11 PM (1) WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 3.58.11 PM WhatsApp Image 2018-02-15 at 3.58.06 PM

I was organising an event, suddenly I saw small kid, hiding inside her mumma’s saree, very shy and closed to herself. When I approached her, I asked her, what is she hiding from,or why is she so scared. The answer that she gave stunned me. She was staring at us in a hope that we would buy her a chocolate. I knelt down and gave her a chocolate. She was very happy, and sweetly told me”Thank You Bhaiya”.

16 Feb 2018

Entrepreneurial Movies

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Movies have a dynamic power to change us and teach us. They present a visual lesson to a captivated audience that lingers in the very consciousness of thought in this event movies related to entrepreneurship were screened which encouraged students regarding startups and inspired them about how a small idea can change lives.The movies depicted the challenges and pitfalls that an entrepreneur experiences during his journey of building an enterprise.

16 Feb 2018


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Program Date: 14th February , 2018

FULL 2 PAISA VASOOL IN IDEA GENERATION(Revenue generation Rs.2985)

Alongwith being profitable in terms of experience this activity also proved to be fun. Organised midst the celebration the Valentine’s Day, this event entertained the participants as well as the buyers.

Participants decided to put up stalls that went complementary with the day. And, it started with a bang. The event involved stalls of valentine gifts, fresh roses, chocolates and also a few games,.

The stall that grabbed a lot of attention was the game “TRY YOUR LUCK”. With this game Shubham Jagtap and Team , bagged an amount, though little, of  Rs.285/-.Being a Valentine’s day event, not to forget chocolates, this stall of lovely home made chocolates also grabbed a lot of buyers. Mukesh Bhati and Team managed to collect a good amount of Rs.1450/-.

Not to be left behind, the roses being the all time attraction, also was and equally good competition to other stalls, this stall generated an amount of Rs.1250/-.

The actual motive of this event was to encourage students for entrepreneurship, help them boost their managing and business skills. These participants however, gathered an overall amount of Rs.2985/-.It was a moment of happiness and enjoyment for the students and it turned out to be a great event.

16 Feb 2018

Street play (Nukad Natak)

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All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one person  in his time plays many roles ” In nukad natak the students of our college came together and performed at Gaurav Tower .The performance of the students was inspirational and emerging and the message behind this nukad natak was “Live your Entrepreneurial Dream”

16 Feb 2018

Flash Mob

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We dance for laughter , we dance for for tears, we dance for madness  and the fear , we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers , we create the dreams… By this beautiful line Decollers started the flash mob and the people of the city were pleasantly surprised by the dance which is performed by Decollers and the event was fun with learning and audience interacted with us.

16 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts” #4



I have been hearing about E-Week since like ages. When I was in my first year I have seen the aura of E-WEEK, how all the students were running down the aisle to manage the events, chasing their goal as a whole to spread entrepreneurship among all.Since then I want to be in their shoes and have to experience how it feels to be on toes right there and then.The shoulder you have bedside you, the young blood ready to put their energies to make the dreams into reality.
And now I am here to see things happening with my own eyes
From ideation to accomplishment
From hard work to results
From exhausted faces to happy dance.
I with my team are on a magical journey where we make memories, learn through experiences, design our path and above all we make mistakes, with no fear of losing but the aspiration to learn.


15 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts”#3


I could not even spell entrepreneurship correctly in my first year of college. Now, I have my own company
incubated in my campus. E-Cell, Acropolis is the spine to my career. Entrepreneurship and its various
domains are just magical.
All of it began after our semester exams. It began during the exams in the first place. The excitement could
not be controlled then. We used to meet a day before exams to discuss and plan the E-Week. It was all over
our minds by then.
December 23, 2017: Last semester exam
December 24, 2017: First “official” E-Week meeting.
All of us were eagerly waiting for the exams to get over so that we could start working for the most awaited
E-Week. I was super excited to organise and manage this nationwide competition. I never missed any
meeting, kept myself updated and worked with all my energy and resources.
Eventually, I realised all that I have heard about E-Week, which I felt was exaggeration, was actually true. It
brings out the side of you, you didn’t know exist. It is amazing how much can be done in a week. Moreover,
the transformation in an individual before and during the E-Week is just like a fairy tale. I, myself have
experienced this transformation. I never knew I had the technical skills. Even though I am a software
engineering student, I never tried my hand in designing websites. During the preparations of E-Week, I not
only made a website, but designed posters and made some videos as well. I would never have realised this
if this had not been for E-Cell.
Every day started with a new excitement but the same goal – to make myself capable enough to contribute
in the Entrepreneurship Week. Every morning had its own inspiration. I did not feel like having a holiday
even on Sundays. The days started and ended with the thought of the tasks to be done by me.
It is going to be really difficult to get back to the previous schedule now. The memories, fun and learning in
the past 2 months has been terrible.

I had to take a 2-days leave due to some family function at home. Physically, I was at my home, attending
the functions, but all I could think about was the fun I am missing out at college, the experiences I am
missing. This is the magic of Entrepreneurship. It runs in our veins now and Entrepreneurship Week is the
perfect time to celebrate the spirit of Entrepreneurship, to show the world what we are and what we can
15 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart : “The Only Week That Counts”#2


Seems like all the yearlong efforts to prepare the team for the Entrepreneurship Week have bore
fruits. The complete team along with the E-Cell members have been working continuously for the
last two weeks, day and night to celebrate Entrepreneurship.
Right from the planning and plotting to the executions, it has been a roller coaster ride.
Entrepreneurship Week 2016 gave me some life lessons. It made me understand myself a little
deeper. Those days of my life are worth cherishing forever.
Hoping to relive those memories, with some added responsibilities, I was all set to celebrate the
spirit of entrepreneurship this year.
This, being the last time to be the part of the Entrepreneurship Week, is very special to me. Not
everybody is lucky enough to learn and gain experience during the graduation. Engineering has its
new meaning now. From a campus company to my own venture, E-Cell has been very helpful and
supportive to me. It helped me to make my own identity.
I have witnessed the hardwork and strategies behind the E-Week in my second year. I have seen
people going crazy and doing everything possible to maintain the winning streak of Acropolis. It is
now my responsibility to take this winning ritual of Acropolis ahead.
It seemed to be difficult this time, since the 10 th edition of the Entrepreneurship Week is the nation-
wide competition. But what’s the point of playing if the competition is not tough enough? I knew
that the championship is going to be one hell of an experience. What I did not know was that my
team is strong enough to face the challenges and come out of the storm together. The unity of my
team is one of the major strengths. We, as a team, believe that if the complete team spends even
15 minutes of a day together, it brings out the best of ideas and strengthens us as a team. Hence, we
made the habit to meet every day.
Preparations began. Documenting everything, revising the proposed events’ list, making the
execution plans, preparing the check lists, arranging all the required things…. And the numerous

We met daily, we talked daily, and we worked daily!
Our college timings automatically altered till 9 PM. The memories we made, the fun we had, the
things we learnt while working, the scolding we got, the way we turned the complete college upside
down, the way we painted the city in the colour of entrepreneurship - all of it made me realise that
sky is the limit and everything can be achieved when you have a strong team.
Promoting the E-Week in the city, in-house and out-house marketing strategies, looking out for
sponsors, narrating the previous E-Week stories was way too interesting for me. We are in the
middle of the Entrepreneurship Week and I am already missing the preparation days. Though we
celebrated 2 weeks in the spirit of Entrepreneurship this time, I wish that this does not end. The
Entrepreneurship Week is not less than some festival to us. It is as pious as Diwali and as colourful as
Holi. With all the excitement, along with all the enthusiasts, we shall promote the essence of
Entrepreneurship not only in the city, but nationwide.

All the life lessons I have taken, all the memories and fun are now added to my already piled up 
memories of the Entrepreneurship Week 2016.
15 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart : “The Only Week That Counts” #1


Entrepreneurship Week 2016 has been the most memorable time of my college life. The memories of
class fun, bunks and college fest altogether were less exciting than those of E-Week!
The fun, learning, excitement and enthusiasm cannot be defined into words. The winning streak of
Acropolis, involvement in the organising committee of various events, experiencing a new world in the
second year of college gave me a direction in life. It gave me a reason to come to college.
It was really disheartening to not being able to organise the Eweek in 2017!

But well, turns out that all the enthusiasm packed up for 2 years has come out as a blast this time.
Anxious to lead the 10th edition of the Entrepreneurship Week, curious to learn from and educate the
junior batches, excited to revisit the old memories and super excited to build new ones – we started
gearing up for the E-week 3 months prior to the scheduled date.
We began by brainstorming about the ideas to make this 10th edition even grander. It all started by the
regular meetings at college, narrating the stories and building up the excitement in the junior batches
since they did not witness the backend preparations last time. We scheduled the events according to
the theme, made the specific organising teams for various events and got ourselves prepared for the
Big Week!
The journey of last three months has been very special to me. This is my last semester in Acropolis. I
really wonder what would I do without this little family of me, when will I be able to witness
entrepreneurship flowing in the veins of so many students, just like me!
E-Cell, Acropolis gave me a purpose in college, it made my engineering worth. All of us have been
working religiously for E-week for the past few months. It is an inexpressible feeling to see the juniors
equally excited and inclined to the E-Cell. 
I hope this would help a little to overcome the despair of leaving the E-Cell family to enter into another world.
15 Feb 2018


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Program Date: 14th February , 2018

DAY #5



Post B-PLAN the participants were ready to present their innovative ideas and search investors for the same. The participants reached out to various investors and presented their ideas to them.

The investors pitched by the participants were Mr Ravi Gupta a business consultant and
Mr. Narayan Awhale MD, GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, a waste recycling company.

Out of 6 participants, the idea put forth by Mr Yash  was highly appreciated, which grabbed an investor for funding the project. Mr Ravi Gupta offered 40K INR for the home automation idea proposed by Mr Yash.

Another activity, TREK-A-THON: WASTE RECYCLE CAMPAIGN organised under E-CELL, led to grabbing one more investor for funding. This being a group activity the participants had to collect waste that can be recycled. The idea of recycling waste caught eyes of Mr Narayan Awahale who humbly agreed to recycle the collected waste. Also being a good social cause, E-CELL agreed upon organising this campaign every alternate weekend of the month.

This campaign added to the revenue collected, with Mr Narayan Awahale offering 15K INR in return of the collected waste.

This was a moment of great achievement for the institute, which helped students achieving greater opportunities and help bag an overall sponsorship of 55K INR.



15 Feb 2018


The entrepreneurship development cell of Vasavi College of Engineering, consists of Swayam, the Innovation Centre and the Incubator Centre. The E-Cell successful ran a sum total of 80-90 events on campus with the prime objective being to help debunk and demystify common entrepreneurship related problems.

Some of the events that were held was the Ideation contest, which saw a footfall of more than 250 participants. Here, the participants were helped to convert their ideas into fully functional business models. The other events held by the E-Cell were workshops, events, flash mobs and other games which maintained a perfect balance between the technical and non-technical aspects of E Week.

A major highlight of the events were the walkathons and stalls which helped spread awareness about entrepreneurship on campus and otherwise. The one dollar venture, was another such event which helped grab the spotlight and proved successful with the footfall it received. The core traits that were helped to be developed were leadership and team building skills which helped the E-Leaders gain an upper hand in the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem.

6 campus companies were also launched to mark the inauguration of E Week. All in all, the events planned at the campus were carried out well, to great lengths due to the constant effort of the E-Leaders and the faculty, as a whole. On speaking with an E-Leader, he states, “The best place to start one’s idea is at campus, as it gives one the space to make mistakes and learn from them.”

The E-Cell has a very structured approach where it is divided into 4 main wings. The 4 wings are marketing, logistics, event management and analysis. This helps the team maintain objectivity and help run the E-Cell and E Week to successful lengths.

15 Feb 2018


The E Week pledge was taken by about 110+ students at the inauguration. All the events and out-reach programs conducted by the E-Cell were sponsored exclusively by the E-Cell. These funds are raised by the E-Cell members with an interesting revenue model, where they utilize the money they get through the registrations. The registered members then depending on their core skill sets take in projects from both inside and outside campus, thereby raising funds by offering their services.

The main events of the E Week yatra were a talk conducted by the incubation cell which spoke about the fears of incubation and sharing one’s idea. The talk focused on demystifying the myths which revolve around the key challenges faced by entrepreneurs on campus. This was mainly to explain the common myths regarding entrepreneurship and incubation. The other events were a magazine launch, mock market, idea box exhibitions, a cyclathon and the launch of the successful student ventures, car rally and many more.

An interesting activity conducted by the institute was death note, which was a treasure hunt game where participants were expected to solve a murder mystery by solving riddles. The activity was a huge success as it saw a footfall of more than 100 participants making it the highlight of the show.

An interesting social campaign conducted by the institute was the car rally on Shivaratri. Here, the students travelled in cars to distant villages and distributed books and other things in an attempt the sensitize entrepreneurship in the rural areas.

With the mission to spread awareness about entrepreneurship on campus, the E-Cell leaders also printed pamphlets stating the benefits of entrepreneurship and why one needs to become an entrepreneur. This pamphlet was then circulated amongst the public in an attempt to change the mindset of people towards entrepreneurship.

The innovation driven campus also displayed the prototypes created by the budding entrepreneurs. These student ventures varied from 3D printing machines, gaming systems to even a humanoid project, thereby showing the extent to which these budding entrepreneurs are conquered the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

One of the eye-catching practices of this institute is their HR practices. The structured manner by which they run a club with over 200 members, is worth a read. Here, like at any corporate, there are segregated heads for each of the teams, such as media, publicity, events etc. and a designated HR team which then monitors the performances of each of these teams and reviews the committee members based on their performances.

15 Feb 2018


“The level of awareness amongst the students about entrepreneurship has increased exponentially. What started off as a 2 member core team in the year 2016, now has a 50 member core team with 250 E-Cell members. This has indeed been a wonderful journey of self-development for us. I have also gained a lot of exposure, essential leadership skills and a vibrant personality while promoting entrepreneurship on campus and by conducting events such as E Week,” says E-Leader Vishnu, CVSR

The E Week events that were planned out for the year included a varied range of activities. Flash mobs, walkathons, cycle rallies and many more field activities helped the students spread the awareness about their E-Cell and the role of entrepreneurship plays in the lives of the citizens.

Students from the institute’s E-Cell also help other students from fellow colleges who do not have an E-Cell, thereby promoting entrepreneurship in the most organic manner possible. Additionally, the E-Cell members also visit schools as a campaign to help students understand the nuances of entrepreneurship through fun-filled activities. Here, they help them understand why students need to start ventures and become job creators instead of job seekers, thereby helping the future generations of change makers to start thinking, and start thinking young.

E Week also showcased the launch of the leading ventures at campus at the event, “Venture Launch”, which was made possible with the constant efforts of the E-Cell, the incubators and the faculty, whose undying efforts resulted in the formation of these ventures.
The event also saw various technical and non-technical activities and competitions which tended to all the college students as a whole. Additionally, the E-Cell has also adopted a village and provides mentoring support to them. These entrepreneurs are further given a chance to also showcase their products at stalls during the E Week events on campus.

This wholesome structured model of creating an impact in and around campus, celebrates entrepreneurship in the true sense, thereby allowing a million others to live the entrepreneurial dream.

15 Feb 2018

E-WEEK: Day 5

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Day 5:

E-WEEK took another turn towards this entrepreneurial journey.
This journey of 4 days was fun, informative, innovative and full of zest.
Day 5 was no different from others.
At 10:00 AM, the Law Seminar Hall was full with students.
Team, Uktrama had to put some extra chairs for students to sit in.
It started with a session of a very young Entrepreneur Mr. Prinkit Patel who started his Company called Blue Hat 3 years back when he was a student of 1st year engineering.
He mentioned the mantra of starting a venture at a very young age with very few resources and very large responsibilities.
Even though his session was short and sweet, he managed to distribute some great gifts to the students.
Right after his session, we invited the Head HR of RR kabel, Mr. Taral Kumar Maheshwary. A person with 18 years of experience in industry and 6 year experience as human resource management in a named organization.
He escorted students in the very interested topic called Talent Management.
He pointed out very few rather odd points that students basically ignore in their day-to-day routine.
After this session, the Biggest Activity was planned for the students. Others call it Scavenger Hunt, we called it “The Quest”
The Quest consist of 4 Rounds of brainstorming activities

Round 1: Mind Game

Round 2:  The raiders

Round 3: Easter Egg

Round 4: Brainiac
Students have to find the clues that were hidden all around the campus of Parul University and has to answer some of the basic questions related to the field on Entrepreneurship.
More than 50 teams participated in the team of 3.
This game took almost 4 hours time and at the end the Winner was declared.
So, this was all about Day 5. A Day with full of information and lots of fun.
That’s what’s Entrepreneurship is all about.
Many activities to come within the week.
15 Feb 2018

Mentoring Session

mentorship 1

On the third day of E-week 2018, a mentoring session was held on the topic “Is plush corporate life discouraging the students from starting up?” This session was graced by around 65 students.

The hall was engaged by one of the seniors and former Vicepresident of onyx, Mr Akshay Patti, who stroked the way through the topic and enlightened the students through his valuable talk. He mainly emphasized on the drawbacks of being in a corporate world. He was outstanding in answering to the question asked by the crowd.

The purpose of the mentoring session is to make students know the hitch of the corporate world and to make them know the difference of being in the Corporate world and the entrepreneurial world. The interaction amongst the crowd was mind blowing.

The enthusiasm shown by the crowd assures us the future entrepreneurs of the nation.

15 Feb 2018


Social Entrepreneurship_1 Social Entrepreneurship_2 Social Entrepreneurship_3 Social Entrepreneurship_4

‘When it comes to using drugs, cigarette, alcohol, tobacco- be smart, don’t start’.
With growing peer pressure, over stress and considered as a mark of being cool- drug consumption among teenagers is increasing day by day. The ones now safe from this trap may get into this in future. Once trapped in this vicious web, it’s difficult to get out. This prevention is better than precaution.
This E-week RCMSIT in association with IIEDC presents ‘Social Entrepreneurship For Addiction Recovery’.
Social entrepreneur, actor and activist Bobby Chakraborty took the interactive session on 13.02.18.

15 Feb 2018

transforming Lives II session on menstrual hygiene II

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Partnering with Procter and gamble (P&G), Decoller organised an awareness campaign about Menstrual Hygiene. There are talks about women empowerment, there are talks about feminism, and there is one side of the populaton,where in the major issue is Menstrual hygiene. Even the most basic needs aren’t available to the women. Looking over to this issue, we organised an educatory program for the women and girls in our college.

15 Feb 2018

Street play – Provoking the mass

IMG_20180214_234227 IMG-20180214-WA0108 IMG-20180213-WA0031

Street play – Provoking the mass
A theatrical approach always have a penetrating effect in the minds of the witnesses and we E-CELL members of BCPSR used this to our advantage today on fifth day (14/02/2018) of E-WEEK, at a busy road of Bidhannagar, Durgapur, in the mid-afternoon, where we enacted a conversational drama conveying the messages of WADHWANI FOUNDATION’S NEN, encouraging more young minds to join the family of E-CELL and schemes by Government of India like Yuva Yojnas and Start Up India Stand Up India schemes. We even had a live session over Facebook Live influencing the social media members too. The entire gathering involved youngsters & some mid-aged people too, so the idea of START UPs percolated through the minds of right age groups. We E-CELL members of BCPSR hope to conduct more of such plays to wide spread the ideas of NEN.

15 Feb 2018



The process of translating an idea or invention into a goods or service that creates value or for which customers will pay.To be called an innovation,an idea must be replicable at an economical cost and must satisfy a specific need.innovation involves deliberate application of information,imagination and initiative in deriving greater or different values from resources,and includes all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products.

15 Feb 2018

Digital Mentoring l SKYPE SESSIONS l

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As said by Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”.

Learning is the most essential part of human life. Learning is something which makes you successful. Skype sessions aimed at teaching the students about the basic terminologies of Entrepreneurship were organised and to our surprise, the sessions were a huge success.

15 Feb 2018

Business Ethics


Business Ethics is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment.It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organisation.Some of the business ethics are like responsibility,Loyalty,Commitment,Reliability,Accountability,etc.

15 Feb 2018

Hardwork at E-WEEK is my lullaby.

We have been putting our days and nights to make our PitchBiz a hit show.

Just to bring all the esteem investors at the same stage it took our number of sleepless nights loads of networking and above all the failures we face that bought our work into an oblivion.

We pulled all our strings to get the biggest of investors to help the growing startups.

As the days went by we build our mansion with small steps.

Facebook updating was always a major concern as we had a vision of bringing startups from pan Indian which surely would have been impossible without social media.

In our early stage, we were very low because of lack of response from people and startups but its is very well said that “alone you cannot do much together you can create impact”

Our team joined hands and we begin to see the light of hope and soon we started getting calls from regions of India which we never thought would show interest.

“PitchBiz” the name itself has a story and number of arguments, likes, dislikes and then “PitchBiz”.

We divided our show into two parts

First girl student(student with idea i.e., less than 1 year)

Second established startups.

All the group startups have to go for a number of shortlisting procedures which was conducted by our jury members.

After like fighting with the world only 12 startups  8 girl entrepreneurs were shortlisted.

Now that we have our things placed now the major task is the event day.

How can we forgot that we are from Entrepreneurship cell where everything is done solely by students and so we will be the managing sponsors and partners of the events.

Did I forget to tell that we have been working since our last examination hence you see we are so keen to work and no vacation but with our team by our side we barely felt that way we loved every ounce of our days spent.

Talking about our families, well it was hell hard to explain to them what we are doing as they never of understand our love for E-CELL and what we are doing in it , though I tried 2-3 times and then I quit doing it. Maybe that’s what learning our alumni always refers to.

We have evolved,

From convincing our college management to sponsors,

From calls to confirmations,

From publicity to footfalls

From designing to posters

From captions to reports


We have seen college gleaming with sunshine and its peaceful nights.

After a lot of backend work now it was a time to keep our foot in the filed.

Yes! today is the day, our handworks goanna pay us.

How nostalgic I am now,

Look at my college it seems to be painted with the colour of E-week

I could see handmade posters, torans, lights, lamps, flexes (designed by our students who now are turned into expert designers by designing number of posters for E-CELL events only)

The time I entered in auditorium I was awestruck how beautiful the stage seems I was admiring the scene in front of me and bamp I got a call that our great investors have arrived, we never had an idea how accommodation, travel and food is managed, But you see whenever we have been thrown in a new well it is difficult at first place to bring ourselves out but we never stop giving it a shot.

We somehow connected the links and its done.

Now that the auditorium is all pack with participants, investors, sponsors and audience we are moving towards making a great history.

I lost the track of time when pitching started, I have never imagined the ideas which the people are working on, they were simply amazing. Girls are nowhere behind. Their ideas and presentation skills are heavenly. If I were in the shoe of the investors I would be hell confused who is best and where to invest.

After like lots of pitching and Q&A out of 12 startups, 10 got an opportunity to have a further discussion with the investors whereas the girl entrepreneurs got awarded with cash prize of 10k,15k,25k respectively.

I have seen startups becoming Richie rich with a blink of an eye.

With a mind opening group discussion, we had a great closing of the PitchBiz.

Hang on it’s not the end of the day yet come in and see members sitting on the floor with laptops on their lap writing reports making Facebook captions.

I went home at 10:30 pm but its just numbers the memories which I have made, the work I have done today will be a lullaby for me to sleep.