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15 Feb 2018

Wake up with Determination ,Go to bed with Satisfaction


Every time you wake up in the morning wake up with a determination to do something good,to do something effective doing useless things is of no matter and never sleep unless and until you are satisfied with your achievement.Dreams are not that which we see during we sleep,dreams are those which doesn’t let us to sleep.The next day again wake up with new goals ,new determination,new energy,new everything.

15 Feb 2018

Start up Time

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On the day 5th , where B-plan workshop had already given a light on what should be practiced. This event was the implementation part of the same. The event was initiated with certain examples that highlighted. It was made clear to individual those who were interested and had the spark to be an entrepreneur that right idea with right target can make miracle.

A simple idea like cleaning car can be million dollar idea as stated by the guest. The picture was made clear with example highlighting the material needed for the same. Net initial investment being less than some thousands and broader picture being crores of turnovers as target market is roughly around 2 Lakh cars in Delhi.

Most sold and maximum revenue generated firm in fields of Masala are not MDH, catch etc. in Delhi its Ghora Chaap who cater to all the local market and the restaurant who takes masala in bulk. The motto was made clear, ordinary product with different market can create millions of profit.

The session ended by giving time to student to work on the idea and implement these different added horizons on the ideas they carry. A report was asked to be submitted by the student at the earliest till the second phase starts.

15 Feb 2018

Stack it up, dare to laugh, JAM

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Rules :

1. The cups have to be arranged from the base of 7 to 1.

2. They have to get it back in the same order.

3. The fastest arrangement wins.

By conducting this event, we’ve successfully encouraged students and spread awareness about the entrepreneurship.


Rules :

1. They will be provided with helium balloons.

2. Having 2 opponents, one has to inhale the gas and the opponent must make sure to control Thier laughter.

This event has worked well to spread the word of being an entrepreneur.

JAM (Just a minute)

Rules :

1. They are a topic on the spot and they are supposed to speak about it spontaneously for a minute.

This brought a smile and enthusiasm in students and gathered more information about being an individual entrepreneur.

15 Feb 2018

B-plan Workshop

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A business without a plan is like a car without its engine, they cannot run by themselves except downhill. Here at Jaipuria Institute of Management, as a part of E-Week, a workshop on Business Plan was organised for the students. The aim of the workshop was to brief the students about how to go about their entrepreneurial projects and, therefore, how to have a strong business plan to motivate your investors and yourself.

Through a brief presentation, Mr. Gaurav Singh had an interactive session with the students present about the different aspects of a B-Plan, ranging from the finances to market research to the right attitude with the right people. The participants’ answer to the question, “What will you do in 3 years?” were most definitely different after this workshop. They can now clearly see how an idea goes from the brain to paper to investor to a business.


15 Feb 2018

Fashion show – The fund raising event.

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Fashion show – The fund raising event.

Ayn Rand’s quote “Money is only a tool, it can never replace you as the driver”, should be a guide tag for every young mind aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Thus, we E-CELL members of BCPSR executed the idea of raising funds for our future ventures through a fashion show on the fifth day of E-WEEK at BCPSR. We were sponsored by Sriniketan, a renowned designer sari shop at Durgapur and we kept the entry fee to the show 50₹ per entry. The participants included the passed out seniors of our college and few E-CELL members of BCPSR. The entire event was full of funs and colors. The pompous atmosphere was rounded up with raised  fund that amounted approximately to 3000₹.

This event was much appreciated by the participants since they got to show off their styling and had the chance to walk the ramp to the music of applauding crowd.

15 Feb 2018

Pitchers – The Startup Dream


Life is all about living your dreams.

But, are you waiting for the perfect time to start your journey?

Most of the people do the same, they keep waiting for the perfect time to start big.

Always Dream Big, but that doesn’t mean you have to start big.

To live your dreams, you must start working on it.

Be a true dreamer and get into the game.

15 Feb 2018




15 Feb 2018

Power of Your Choice


Your Attitude + Your Choice =Your Life

This life is yours .Taking birth in this  world was not your choice  but to make this world is your choice.If you are born poor there’s nothing wrong in it,but if you die poor that is wrong.Because if you will not work hard to achieve goals you will taken  back.Its your choice to choose the decisions regarding your life no one has right on it .So be wise in choosing your choices.

15 Feb 2018

Your only competetion is You

Always start your day with this quote that You can and You Will,you will automatically get a positive energy and your day will start with a good vibe, a positive vibe.It gives you the energy to handle all the difficult situations ,to fight all the competetions.This world is full of competetions and you have to fight everyday to survive.remember your only competetion is you .You have to fight with yourself which you were yesterday.Improving youself is most imporatnt thing.

15 Feb 2018

Youth -The Power of Nation

Youth has the most amount of energy which they can utilize in doing great work ,good work and can work for the betterment of the society.Because youth is the power of country they can do anything they want just they need to be determined for their work and need to concentrate on their goals.Youth can change the country and can help in building future.

15 Feb 2018



At first they will ask why are you doing later they will ask how you did it.Have goals so big you get uncomfortable telling to small minded people.Run your own race and complete your journey.Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.Remember what you get by achieving your goals is not as important what you become by acheiving your goals.

15 Feb 2018



Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. don’t be trapped by dogma- which is living with the results of of other people’s thinking. don’t let noise of others opinion drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intution. They somewhere already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

15 Feb 2018

PLAN -A, doesn’t work,then go for PLAN-B

If plan-A doesn’t work then why worry there’s always a plan-B ready for you all you need is to concerntrate on all your mistakes and not to repeat them again.God has all doors open for you if one gate gets closed go for another one just dont lose hope and believe youself because all you need is to put all the things together again and again start working on it with some another plan.

15 Feb 2018

Meditation–Best Way to increase concentrate

Doing meditation just for 15-20 minutes a day can increase your concentration power,it can increase your immunity,it creates a sense of positivity among you and positive vibes attract you and you also attract positive vibes.Meditation can increase your decision making power and can also help you to stay energatic all day long.

15 Feb 2018


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Times were good. No, they were great. My company had just passed six figures in revenue, and it was headed to break the seven-figure mark. My team grew to almost twenty people, all of whom were passionate about the business and exceeded my expectations. Various local and national publications were calling me to secure an interview so that they could highlight me, a young entrepreneur with great potential.
15 Feb 2018

Be confident but never be overconfident

Confidence is most wanted thing for anything to be achieved but overconfidence take back all your efforts.Remember that Overconfidence is the key to failure and confidence is the key to success.Because a overconfident person never wants to learn or explore anything which takes him or her backwards,whereas confidence keeps you ahead and you keep exploring and keep learning.

15 Feb 2018



You dont need to be an entrepreneur before you start.You become an entrepreneur during the process of pursuing your dreams.If you dont build your dreams others will hire to build their own.Every journey starts with a dream and your full faith and believe will pave the way for it.Be entreprepreneur make your dreams happen.

15 Feb 2018


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The Entrepreneur Mind No one ever said it was easy being an entrepreneur. Whether you’re in the early stages of your statrup, just secured funding for your startup or you are ready for product launch, there will always be those three components when you ask yourself if this whole entrepreneur thing is worth it. Instead of giving up …

15 Feb 2018

Social Entrepreneur

social entrepreneurs are those who see social problems as the key to their success.They work for the betterment of the society with no profit motives.They observe social issues work on it and create a better solution.AMUL was invented by DR.VERGHESE KURIEN as he saw that the milk which was been feeded to the indian people was as bad as gutter’s water,seeing this as one of the major issue  he invented AMUL milk.

15 Feb 2018

FEMALE–The word itself says “IRON MAN”

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Never underestimate yourself women.You are no less than a man.Even comparing youself to men is one of the foolish things women.Because there is no comparison to your greatness ,hardwork and there sacrifice.U can lead a company,you can run a company,u can do ANYTHING you want .IF you determine to do ,you can achieve anything,

15 Feb 2018

Never Stop Learning

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Never feel like that you have learned everything and you dont need to learn anymore,because the day you start thinking that you get yourself a step back.This world is place where only one thing is constant that is “change”.Change is the only thing which is constant in this changing world and we need to get updated with the changes.So never stop learning.Keep learning,Keep exploring.

15 Feb 2018

There is No Right Oppurtunity To Start Something,You have to make your Oppurtunity Right

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People wait for right opportunities to come to implement their plans,but there are no right opportunities we have to make them right.If we are determined to do something we have no excuses,we are just all determined to accomplish our goals .So there’s always a chance to implement your plans .Just go for your decisions and just make them right.

15 Feb 2018

We Dance To Express Not To Impress

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Dance is the art to express our emotions.People dance to express their feelings ,theirs emotions.Dance is not just for showing off your skills but to express your love for music.To dance is to feel the music.Even a deaf person can dance on the beats of music,even though he/she cannot hear but they can sense the beats and feel the music and their body automatically move according to the beats.