14 Feb 2018

B-Planning- The WAR of IDEAS

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B-Planning- The WAR of IDEAS

The event was all about generating new ideas that will lead to revenue generation. This event was the highlighted event of the fourth day ( 13/02/2014) of E-WEEK at BCPSR. The participants presented risk-calculated currency generating ideas, that were judged by the panelists that comprised of our BCPSR faculty members and E-Leaders. The participants and their ideas were as follows :

1# Jahangir  Alam – Breakfast Delivery from Mess ( he plans on cooking simple healthy breakfast at his mess and delivering it among the other students who reside as paying guests, who tend to skip breakfasts) ;

#2 Azahar Hossain – PORTRAIT ON ORDER ( he plans on selling his arts i.e. portraits to those who place their orders, it is an offline cum online business, since his work is gaining huge popularity over Facebook);

3# Sagnik Ghosh – PROYAS( this idea was his PROYAS venture, that is on a run already and earning adequate revenue through his media and marketing works);

#4 Shobhona & Tanuka – PEN-IT-DOWN APP ( it is an android application, it will be an inter-college application used by the students for easy and convenient access to  suggestive questions and previous years solved questions along with special consultation sessions with professors).

The PEN-IT-DOWN app was the idea that stole our attention in the end ! We hope E-CELL of BCPSR can help them cultivate this idea and start revenue generation.

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