14 Feb 2018

Best out of waste

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, completed its 4th day of Entrepreneurial Week on 13th February 2018. On this day, E-Week saw a few eager and budding entrepreneurs among the future managers studying in the institute as they participated in the events for the day. The events scheduled were Dare to be Entrepreneur (quiz), Best out of Waste and Pitch Perfect.

Best out of Waste was all about resource management. Participants were given a fixed budget and could make anything using whatever stationery and waste they could afford to buy. The teams the two experienced the plight of an entrepreneur as they created their artistic pieces with limited money and the scarce stationery. Results of the competition were Vidushi Srivastava and Shafaq Khan as runner up and Niharika Garg and Priyamvada Omer as winners.

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