12 Feb 2018

Big Data Workshop

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On the day of the commencement of the 10th NEN E-Week at IEM Campus, the IEM E-Cell had organised a Big Data Workshop. Taken by Prof. Rabi Narayan Behera, the resident expert on Big Data, this Workshop was attended by a large number of students interested in pursuing this field.  It started with the concept of HDFS and then moved to the more complicated topics. Prof. Behera then covered the basics of Hadoop and how to use it. Students were taught about various functions that can be performed using Hadoop, especially the Map-Reduce with the help of a live demonstration.  They were also given an idea about Pig, Hive and Spark and made to write basic programs using all these three languages. This workshop might be a short affair but proved to be very useful for all the future Data Scientists. They got an elaborate idea about the concepts of Big Data and how to implement them. It helped build a strong foundation of the topic and would be especially useful in any future ‘Data Science’  endeavours of the students.

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