16 Feb 2018

Campus Company Launch : Live your Dream be an Entrepreneur

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Even date:15th February 2018


It’s a great moment of honour for any institute when, even a student heads towards something big. It takes something in achieving a degree and takes a lot of effort in doing something great out of what we learnt.
Rohan Bhosale  Computer Engineering student from our institute came up with an idea which would benefit not only students from our college but also students pursuing degrees from other institutes. The basic idea of his project was to provide students with a service for buying books online.
Our Institute as an encouragement provided him with a platform to launch his idea. Wherein, Rohan Bhosale and his team launched their Android application SEGVIT and gave a brief idea of all the provision of the services. This application includes buying and selling books online.Also, services such as Laundry, Doctor, Plumber and many more such services.
This idea being self-established is a great moment of pride for the Institute. With the grand launch event of the Company’s product SEGVIT COO Mr Rohan Bhonsale also gave his thoughts about difficulties faced during establishment of his company, his history, journey toward business, marketing strategies also Mr. Rohan Bhonsale acknowledge students on how to handle and live the real time situations .
With a great Great Start of the Company the Event also had a good momentum till the end. The SEGVIT also gave gratitude towards E-Cell Dr.D Y Patil SOET for providing them a good platform for a launch .

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