12 Feb 2018

Campus Company Launch

Krafty1 Krafty2 Krafty3 Krafty Launch

Date: 10.02.2018

Time: 12:00 – 12:30

Krafty Chocolates, A start-up initiative by the students of Institute of Engineering and Management was officially launched to the greater public on 10.02.2018. Their newly launched winter truffle collection was also at display for sale at their in-house stall.

Krafty Chocolates make Premium Handcrafted Chocolates with rich cocoa and exotic flavours.

A group of students consisting of some ex and some present students of IEM jointly took the initiative to launch the company on a smaller scale first and then later on with the support of Prof. Avijit Bose and Entrepreneurship Cell finally received the platform to launch it officially in public.

A huge audience along with prominent guests gathered around the stage where the official Institute of Engineering and Management Entrepreneurship-Cell video was revealed. The audience watched in awe the professional achievement records and the numerous start-ups which had already been launched with the Entrepreneurship-cell’s support. After the end of the video, The E-Cell members invited Souvik Ghosh (founder, Krafty chocolates and an ex student of 2nd year (M.Tech.) at IEM) to the stage. He shared an inspiring insight into his risky yet fruitful journey which really enthralled the gathering. In his speech, Souvik touched upon the various hindrances he faced in his endeavour and the way he tackled them. He mentioned the crucial role IEM Entrepreneurship-cell played all along, shaping his decision-making skills and providing him all the necessary resources to shape his idea into a working business model. He also whole-heartedly thanked prof. Avijit Bose for being a constant beacon of support throughout the process and in turn, officially launched Krafty Chocolates. Prof. Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti, Mr. Dipankar Chakrabarti and Mr. Rohit Sarkar, guests present during the launch appreciated Souvik’s endeavour and highly praised the delicious products of the company.

They then were allowed to put up a stall at the premises where students and teachers got familiar with every item at display.

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