E Week 2016 – Living The Entrepreneurial Dream

Asia’s largest Entrepreneurship campaign concluded with grand finale at four regions – Bangalore, Indore, Jaipur, and Kolkata. The week long Entrepreneurship Week 2016 celebration from 20th to 27th February concluded last Sunday, the 5th of March, with the Grand Finale celebrated at regional level in the north, south, east, and central India. The events saw … Continue reading →E Week 2016 – Living The Entrepreneurial Dream

Four Days In The Life Of An NEN Regional Manager

Far from Bangalore, in the city of Moscow, Russia, Dmitry Tomchuk, Director – Program Development, and Mikhail Azarov, Project Manager at the Rybakov Foundation read about the NEN-led E Week campaigns in India and got inordinately excited. They had chanced upon another non-profit whose initiatives and successful campaigns could provide a primer to what they … Continue reading →Four Days In The Life Of An NEN Regional Manager

Making Innovative Ideas Work In The Real World

E Week 2016 in Indira Institute of Management, Pune was inaugurated by the Chairman, Director and E-Cell Head Coordinators Prof Dipanjay Bhalerao and Prof Santosh Pullewar on 22 February 2016. In their inaugural address, both the Chairman and Director spoke about the importance of starting up and encouraged aspiring student entrepreneurs on campus to build … Continue reading →Making Innovative Ideas Work In The Real World

Social Innovation Through CIBI

Innovation is about making changes to an existing process / system with something new. In the development context, innovation should be viewed as changes in thinking, products, processes, organizations, or new ideas which are successfully applied. While most management institutes give the necessary inputs for various management areas, it is very important that students, who … Continue reading →Social Innovation Through CIBI

Taking The E Week Spirit To Schools

Ayan, the E-Cell of Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR), were actively pursuing E Week @School and educating students at a school inKandavalion entrepreneurship. Taking E Week Spirit to Schools Ayan has conducted various activities and competitions like quiz, crisis management, drawing and singing competition through which the concepts of entrepreneurship … Continue reading →Taking The E Week Spirit To Schools

Industry-Academia Partner For Innovating HR Practices & Alternate Finance

E Week 2016 at ITM kick started on 20th February 2016 with inauguration and oath taking ceremony followed by an international conference on Inclusive Growth through Innovative HR Practices and Alternative Finance. The conference aimed at bringing the academia and industry together for finding the optimal mix between innovation and inclusive growth for co-creation of … Continue reading →Industry-Academia Partner For Innovating HR Practices & Alternate Finance

Revitalising Entrepreneurship

E Week 2015 – Revitalising Entrepreneurship While I hopped, skipped, and jumped from city to city witnessing the excitement and the adrenalin rush of E Week 2015 on various campuses in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, three things stood out prominently across all these institutions – Passion, Pride, and Energy. These intangibles were the driving force … Continue reading →Revitalising Entrepreneurship

The MCC Santhe

Engaging with Community Entrepreneurs @ Mount Carmel College- THE MCC SANTHE Steven Spielberg once said, ‘The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves’. Starting from the previous edition of E-Week , the MCC Santhe has become a signature event for the … Continue reading →The MCC Santhe

Public Awareness Drive

On a hot Sunday morning on February 8th,2015, visitors of the famous Amba Vilas Palace Mysore were surprised to see a group of people wearing blue T-Shirts, standing near the entrance of the Palace with E-Week banners to catch their attention. The visitors were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd from Onyx who were all ready … Continue reading →Public Awareness Drive

Jaipuria Trip To Rae Bareilly

Our trip to Rae Bareilly started with a visit to an NGO (Lok Mitra) which works to educate primary school children. In the evening we visited various schools functioning under this NGO, such as a school where the children are not only taught subjects in the curriculum but are also given vocational training. We observed … Continue reading →Jaipuria Trip To Rae Bareilly

Creating Jobs For Millions

Empowering Women From the Slums – 16th February 16, 2015 As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others. The Mentoring and Entrepreneurship development centre of Mount Carmel College continues to promote community / society … Continue reading →Creating Jobs For Millions

E Cafe At Raahgiri

EWeek Mania hit the streets-Awareness for Entrepreneurship: e Café at RaahgiriDay, Indore E Café, the entrepreneurship development cell of Malwa Institute of Technology, POWERED BY NEN is famous across its college campus, particularly known for its outrageous, exhilarating and invigorating enthusiasm during the eWeek extravaganza. With the help of Dainik Bhaskar and the local administration … Continue reading →E Cafe At Raahgiri

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Ember E-Cell, Atharva College of Engineering (Mumbai), 2nd February , 2015 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission) is a national campaign launched by the Government of India, covering 4041 statutory towns, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country. The Members of Ember E-Cell made their own contribution to … Continue reading →Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Creates Awareness Using Ebot

Thakur Institute of Management Studies Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR),owes its name and fame as much to its students as to its dedicated and experienced faculty. Born in 2011, the pioneers of the first edition of E-CELL “AYAN” were immensely talented students who laid the groundwork for future success. This year the E-Cell Ayan chose … Continue reading →Creates Awareness Using Ebot

Sky High Rises The Balloon Of Entrepreneurship

The Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad has a large campus and is teeming with students on most days. It was made even busier by the large E-cell of enthusiastic girls and boys during the E-week. The elaborate festivities, events and competitions that the E-cell had designed during the week required deft … Continue reading →Sky High Rises The Balloon Of Entrepreneurship

Co-Sys: Open Codes Of Student-Teacher Interactions

While the Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology (SKIT) in Jaipur was busy looking for ways to digitise its administrative and educational tasks through a commercial ERP solution, four of its third-year engineering students sensed this need not just at the SKIT but at other educational institutes as well. Ayush Pandey, Shubham Paliwal, Shubham Kela and … Continue reading →Co-Sys: Open Codes Of Student-Teacher Interactions

Money Spinners On The Campus

The E-cell of the Banasthali Vidyapeth in Jaipur, Oorja, has acquired the character of a serial entrepreneur. Now they have three campus companies to their credit, two of which have already started posting profits. This year they launched the third company Eduzone for over one thousand students of the campus. The concept behind the new … Continue reading →Money Spinners On The Campus

Innovating India Through Green Energy

We reach the backside of the Mysore palace, near Kote Anjaneya Swamy Temple where an E-week banner draped over a Maruti van stands out catching our attention and that of the on-lookers. We are greeted by an enthusiastic crowd, all of whom are wearing blue tee shirts reading E-Week 2013 ONYX*, bubbling with zest and … Continue reading →Innovating India Through Green Energy

MITS Creates Sparks Through EMIT

It’s a dry afternoon and the sun is scorching when we get down at Maharaja Institute of Technology; what’s welcoming are the two huge banners of E-Week reading “celebrate the joy of entrepreneurship” hanging from the main building of the college. We walk in to the registration desk and meet a few E-Leaders, they tell … Continue reading →MITS Creates Sparks Through EMIT

Mileage Through Millets

It’s a beautiful day, not sunny, not dull, and just about right. I sit in the cab watching the trees outside, waiting for the traffic to clear. This part of the city has lush green cover and I then realize why Bangalore is the Garden City. Soon, we drive into Mount Carmel College; E Week … Continue reading →Mileage Through Millets

Listen, Feel & Respond To Women’s Voices—JNC

I arrive early and find my way to the auditorium of Jyoti Nivas College where a national conference is happening with the theme is “Are our women and daughters safe today?” with a subtext ‘Listen, Feel & Respond to Women’s Voices’. I have my doubts how this conference relates to the theme for this year’s … Continue reading →Listen, Feel & Respond To Women’s Voices—JNC

Aura—Taking It Forward

Dayanand Sagar Institute is massive with over twelve departments having about fourteen thousand students. We reach almost at the end of the event, CEO Connect, where they have arranged a talk by Mr. Mahadevaswamy who is the CEO of Applied Inventions. He talks about collaborating members, pitching ideas, applying for patents and procuring finances. The … Continue reading →Aura—Taking It Forward

The Quizmaster’s Agenda

It’s around 3’0 clock in the afternoon when we reach BMS College of Engineering, it’s sunny and we walk into a fairly deserted campus. Our NEN consultant takes us to the main building where the events are supposedly happening. We find the place quiet, most of the students are giving their exams; one of the … Continue reading →The Quizmaster’s Agenda

Innovation And Invention—The Aims Way

Verdancy is the first thing you notice at AIMS—Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences, filled with canopies of climbers and shady trees. As we move inside we see the theme Innovating for India everywhere around, on charts and thermocol cut-outs of India brightly coloured and decorated. We see huge placards of NEN E-Week and Innovating … Continue reading →Innovation And Invention—The Aims Way

Small Steps To New Markets

Enterprising students tend to be social more often than not. Sometimes, they tend to mix their entrepreneurial spirit to meet social goals. On other occasions, they just add on to the entrepreneurial spirit of the grassroots entrepreneurs. The E-cell of the Vasavi College of Engineering in Hyderabad chose the latter option when it chose to … Continue reading →Small Steps To New Markets

Swayam Stock Exchange: Trading In Ideas And Events

There are all kinds of stock exchanges in the world, which trade millions of dollars worth of entities every day. They largely control the money markets and price fluidity in an integrated global economy. However, in an innovative contribution to the E-week, Siri Kalluri, a fourth-year engineering student of the Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad, … Continue reading →Swayam Stock Exchange: Trading In Ideas And Events

Student Entrepreneurship Thrives At Atharva

At Atharva, both the management and faculty are equally involved in celebrating E Week. The effect of this support is evident in the quality of events, projects and student ventures on campus. E Week at this college started with a five-day seminar called iCreator Series facilitated by its faculty and guest speakers. The seminar focused … Continue reading →Student Entrepreneurship Thrives At Atharva

The Domino Effect Of E Week

E Week 2013 at Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR) has taken on the cool factor after the institute was declared as Runner-Up in the small institute category at E Week India 2012. Into their second year of celebrating E Week, the E Leaders at TIMSCDR have already mobilised the students … Continue reading →The Domino Effect Of E Week

Indore Comes Alive

The lazy winter Sun and the cool morning breeze would make an average Indori feel as if it was just another Sunday morning. It was 7 am when I reached Hotel Ginger to pick Asgar and our special correspondent Nishant for the day ahead. We had a lot of activities lined up on our agenda … Continue reading →Indore Comes Alive

Bonds Enterprising Women Build

Thirty-one women entrepreneurs bound by a spirit of peer learning and enhancing their business skills got together at the Birla Institute of Management Technology in Greater Noida as part of the E-week. This eclectic group had language trainers, life trainers, doctors, business consultants, finance experts, cosmetics professionals, architects, etc. in it. Despite being so diverse … Continue reading →Bonds Enterprising Women Build

Two-Way Learning: Farmers In A Management School

The E-week of the National Entrepreneurship Network has led to flow of creativity at many business and technical institutions in the country. The Jaipuria Institute of Management in Noida in the National Capital Region led the exercise by choosing seven different themes for the week. One of the most interesting of these themes was the … Continue reading →Two-Way Learning: Farmers In A Management School

A World Record In The Making

It’s Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology’s debut E Week and they are an excited lot. The college sports a festive air with a host of activities including a blood donation camp, short movie festival, and game and food stalls. The ice golas look especially inviting. But a debut does not warranty baby steps … Continue reading →A World Record In The Making

To Be Champions Again

There is an ebullient mood at Sri Krishna Institute of Management (SKIM) who are E Week 2012 Champions. It’s a mood that comes with passion for E Week and a determination to repeat last year’s performance with more impactful programs and events. Take for instance, the initiation for Sewage Treatment Plant which started with E … Continue reading →To Be Champions Again

Maggy Centre

Adarsh Mohan Dixit, Akshay Vyas and Aditya Desai are three mechanical engineering students of the Malwa Institute of Technology in Indore who have been leading a hostel life since coming to the city for this course. Their proposed venture operates in the fast food space for students like themselves. Living in hostels, it is difficult … Continue reading →Maggy Centre

Mid Night Food

A student knows what a night is worth. The ideas of both fun and hard work involve claiming a fair share of nights in the lives of most students. That’s what Abhas Kataria and Akshay Jain of IPS Academy, both the first semester students of this prestigious Indore institute, realised early in their days in … Continue reading →Mid Night Food

Silicon Connect At SSN College Of Engineering

A unique mix of a hackathon and workshop, Silicon Connect at SSN College of Engineering saw a mix of hackers and aspiring student entrepreneurs working on ideas and prototypes. As part of the initiative, the students of Lakshya (SSN’s E Cell) will video conference with entrepreneurs and CEOs from Silicon Valley (California) who will guide … Continue reading →Silicon Connect At SSN College Of Engineering

Dreaming Up A New World

There are dreamers and then there are doers. The world needs both. In some ways it is serendipity to spend time at SSN because the E Cell members, innovators and student entrepreneurs are a balance of dreamers and doers. What else explains their vision and the steps taken to make it happen. This year, the … Continue reading →Dreaming Up A New World

The Anthem Of ‘We Can. We Will’

‘We can. We will’ is an integral part of NEN. It’s our cornerstone. The Trust Team quotes it at every given opportunity; more so during E Week. So when I heard it in the chorus of Saveetha’s E Week anthem, I was ecstatic. To do something different for E Week 2013, the team at Saveetha … Continue reading →The Anthem Of ‘We Can. We Will’


E Week couldn’t have started on a better note. We were standing on the boulevard of the Marina Beach in Chennai on a Saturday morning. A slight fishy smell wafted through the sea breeze; fishing boats were onshore taking their well deserved rest. There was a mood of leisure and everything seemed to move lazily. … Continue reading →AL KATI VEERAL!

Arena Art From Velammal Engineering College

Besant Nagar beach sported a happy facade with a colourful sand art. Created by seven students from Velammal Engineering College with assistance from the College of Fine Arts students, the sand art depicts the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship. The team plans to display the art for four days (and nights!) as part of their … Continue reading →Arena Art From Velammal Engineering College