12 Feb 2018


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Ecell, Jmi inaugurated the e-week celebration with its ecell members and had 2 activities today. What’s my story was the first activity we had where we invited our own ecell members who are running their start ups and shared their stories and inspired us. Among them was Simeen Anjum – the youngest entrepreneur of Jamia who runs her craft store online @simyshandmade , Kashif khan who runs his online magazine @the_spotlight_official which is the official media partner of our ecell as well.  He used to write short stories, fiction from his school days but he never got any platform to publish them. Now he is providing such opportunity where he provides platform to the different students like him and now he is publishing the work of not only Indians but Americans as well.  We had mohammad musavvir who is a mechanical engineer and ran a start up of website designing but failed in its survival but the guy never failed from his confidence and vision.  He was our new guest and member as well. We had farman who is earning from investing in cryptocurrencies and is looking forward to help other students and student entrepreneurs. 

We had a role storming session as well where we have roles to the different teams and asked them to act on it. These roles were completely entrepreneurial in nature like investor pitching , some real life corporate examples of our members , and yeah we had a situation based on our ecell working as well.

We have a media coverage from @thevioletjournal of the university as well.

Apart from all this, we are engaged in fund raising activity of selling mojito drink from last two days. The response is good till now and yes we got proposals to put the same stall in one of the department fest of university as well !

This is just the beginning of NEXT-GEN ENTREPRENEURS!!!

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