15 Dec 2016

Creates Awareness Using Ebot

st1Thakur Institute of Management Studies Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR),owes its name and fame as much to its students as to its dedicated and experienced faculty. Born in 2011, the pioneers of the first edition of E-CELL “AYAN” were immensely talented students who laid the groundwork for future success.
This year the E-Cell Ayan chose to portray the theme, “Creating jobs for millions”, by using a Robot for a mascot. Based on a study conducted by a market research firm, Robotics will be a major driver for global job creation over the next five years. As stated by Metra Martech in their research conducted on Positive Impact of Industrial Robots on Employment: “In world terms three to five million of jobs would not exist if automation and robotics had not been developed to enable cost effective production of millions of electronic products, from Phones to Playstations.”

Keeping this in mind, The members of created a working model using a toothbrush, demonstrating how the smallest thing from our household, can be converted into a robot.
The recent inclination of the youth towards the Selfie trend, convinced the members to make the robot mascot a selfie prop. The students contributed in creating awareness about entrepreneurship, by posting those selfies online with hashtags like: #EWeek #entrepreneurship #selfiewiththebot .

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