13 Feb 2018

Day 3 – Government school – Entrepreneurship Awareness camp & Events

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 Udyami-Entrepreneurship Development Cell


Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam

Report on E Week 2018 celebrations @ Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Sathyamangalam

Event 1: 

Day 3: Visit to School

Udyami – Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of Our Institute celebrated the third day of the E week in Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Sathyamangalam on 12.02.2018 from 11.00am to 1.15pm. We the members of EDC, totally 17 volunteers and two faculty members interacted well with all school children and did many exciting events and activities. Through these activities we brought those kids from safer zone to the problem encompassing zone. We made them to think out of the box by likely going behind the problems and looking that as an opportunities. The total of 91 students from ninth standard have been separated into two class and conducted various activities such as pen marketing, mobile selling, problem identification & solving, Oor Panchayath, debate, entrepreneurial CV and pledge taking. Students enjoyed the session and changed their mind set to become Entrepreneur instead of taking any jobs.

Through activities we motivated them not to take jobs instead we sowed the seed of taking entrepreneurship as their career. Students also done a drama based on our instructions and delivered a message of becoming entrepreneur through Oor Panchayath. This was completely encouraged students and they expressed their inner fire of becoming entrepreneurs with more enthusiasm. We also insisted them to convey this message to their parents, friends and relatives and also to utilize the facilities of our Technology Business Incubator for business incubation and seed funding. For every activities, the best performers were awarded with exciting prizes. After the pledge and sensitive voices from school kids, we have given best compliments to school Headmaster for providing this golden opportunity We completely satisfied with our todays job and same way school kids also enjoyed and assured that they will convey this message to parents and follow the same in their own life through their written feedback. We concluded the session with autographs of all children in the e week poster.  

Address of the School: Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Sathyamangalam

Contact person name & number: Head Master (9442592870)

Staff coordinators: Dr.C.Kamalanathan (9994188539) & Mrs.M.Senthamarai (9751196488)

Student coordinators: Mr.Sriraam E  (9095341730 ), Mr.Vinodh Kanna (9791668543), Dheena Dayalan (8838394557) &  Ms.Sangeetha S  (8760907959)

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