13 Feb 2018

Day 4 Kick Start

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Day 4 started with going back to orphan and spreading the spark again to the children. The aim today was to share some of entrepreneurial drive to them. We visited the orphanage and started session with videos of motivation to encourage children to give best to the people around. Checked them what they can create out from the waste we have. To our surprise, we saw some beautiful hand made products. Later we played some videos on dreams and asked the kids to share their dream. We noticed that these buds had long and clear vision. Some said they want to be a police officer, some said they want to join army and some want to be better human in domains they chose. The words and the age was not matching and we realised that we need to keep that spark on. Children were interested to be an entrepreneur as well. They have started working on hand made product as part of their daily practise. The team of Navikaran has promised that they will nurture them on the same and guide them better.

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