14 Feb 2018

E-talk  on ” Preparedness Before Rolling Out”

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E-talk  on ” Preparedness Before Rolling Out” was organized at Global Institute of Technology for Students.  The world acclaimed Prof. (Dr) Ved Sarvotham gave his valuable insights about the “Preparedness Before Rolling Out”. He incorporated with little difference that makes some positive impact on this planet by helping other human beings and creatures. He is Ph.D. in Marketing Management. MS in HR Management and International Business. Post Graduate Diploma in PR and Communication science. Wonderful, job profile with current designation as  International Director – SAARC – New York – Western Union, worked in   University of Columbia- Project Director – Tropical Health challenges in India, Boeing group –  Director of Operations – Aviation /Cyber Technology – India, Randy’s Ring and Pinion- Country Director – India  ( Automobile industry) ,  J&B Software – USA- Project Director and International Director,  Dr Reddy Labs- Director -USA ( Drug research wing), SWIFT Banking Network – Senior Director and in Reckitt & Beckman  – Marketing Manager – India. His thrust areas are Conscious Relationship at work and personal life. And for the students of the final Year challenges and jumps start for a career. For women and Men working together challenges. Art of concentration and focus simple steps for students. He is the master in the number of Indian languages Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Urdu and English (Little). He has traveled in eighteen countries.  His passion is for reading and nature. He concludes with the best word for the Hon Director, Dr. Renu Joshi, GIT, Jaipur.

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