15 Dec 2016

E Week 2016 – Living The Entrepreneurial Dream

Asia’s largest Entrepreneurship campaign concluded with grand finale at four regions – Bangalore, Indore, Jaipur, and Kolkata.

The week long Entrepreneurship Week 2016 celebration from 20th to 27th February concluded last Sunday, the 5th of March, with the Grand Finale celebrated at regional level in the north, south, east, and central India. The events saw active participation of a large number of students and faculty from various colleges across India. This year’s celebration has witnessed several impactful events such as direct industry interaction, mentoring sessions, and book releases among other regular activities.

Going against the odds in Jaipur

The Vivekananda Global University (VGU) campus in Jaipur saw over 500 participants from more than 10 colleges attending the Grand Finale of E Week 2016 for the northern regions that include Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Chhattisgarh. The keynote speakers for the event were Santosh Palavesh of UMM Studios and Anamika Joshi of Utpatang.com, and they motivated the students with their journey to success – how they went against the odds and challenges, and established themselves as entrepreneurs.

“Not every individual has the guts to follow the path of entrepreneurship. They are the mighty ones who do so. When I see the students planning for the E Week Grand Finale I find a glimpse of that ‘E-factor’ that every entrepreneur must have.”

– Anamika Joshi, Founder of Utpatang.com

“I feel great and it looks like family to me when I look at beautiful E-leaders working with great zeal and enthusiasm and compete at heart for this great event. Thanks to the NEN for providing this opportunity to all the students throughout the nation.”

– Santhosh Palavesh, Managing Director of UMM

The executive vice president of NEN, Shashi Chimala, was the chief guest. Preeti Singh, the associate director for global operations at Wadhwani Foundation, and Vishnu Priya, the consultant at NEN, were also a part of the celebrations in North.

Creating impact in Indore

Hosted by Chameli Devi Group of Institutions (CDGI), the event was attended by over 700 participants from 15 institutes across the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. Prabhakar Tiwari, the chief marketing officer (CMO) of PayU was the keynote speaker of the session.

“Congratulations to the NEN for such a spectacular show.  I am personally amazed by the sheer enthusiasm and vibrant energy of students and faculty.  Kudos to NEN for igniting young minds and contributing to the cause of job creation.”

– Prabhakar Tiwari, CMO of PayU

Asgar Ahmed, the director at NEN, and Marlina Ramachandran, the NEN Regional Manager, were also present at the E Week 2016 Grand Finale in the central region. Marlina Ramachandran believes that E Week has come a long way. She notices that the energy quotient of the students and the quality of programs have increased considerably.

“March is my favourite month of the year only because this is when we celebrate E Week! I love the bonding, late night frantic calls, and endless invites to events across length and breadth of the city, not to mention all the yummy food at start up stalls! This is one event where we see teams coming together in unison for the sole purpose of celebrating entrepreneurship. Cheers to E Week 2016!”

– Marlina Ramachandran, Regional Manager at NEN

Taking to markets in Kolkata

Over 400 students of 30 colleges from cities such as Kolkata, Durgapur and Bhubaneshwar attended the East region finale of E Week 2016 at Heritage Business School (HBS), Kolkata. HP Budhia, the chairman of Patton Group addressed the keynote for the session. He emphasised on how the startup bubble has been booming and it is the right time into kickstart entrepreneurial journeys. Budhia also mentioned how entrepreneurship is well in the reach of common people these days.

“One should have a humble beginning in order to be successful. The fruits of one’s labour tastes sweeter than spending money not earned through own efforts.”

– H P Budhia, Chairman of Patton Group


Atul Raja, the executive vice president for Marketing at NEN was the chief guest at the function. NEN regional manager Subhabrata Bhattacharjee said that he was very impressed by the E Week celebration this year for it was special in multiple ways.

“This year, a lot of the innovations introduced during E Week are being taken to a commercial level. It was another milestone when a faculty turned entrepreneur published a book on Entrepreneurship. The sparkand spart in students, and thenip. The determinationed ot only were a lot of innovations introduced but also they are beingme a in the students and the determination to bag the award(s) next time were inspiring.”

– Subhabrata Bhattacharjee, Regional Manager at NEN

Attaining self-sufficiency in Bangalore

More than 750 people from over 15 colleges from cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Erode, Hyderabad, Mysore, and Salem attended the South region Finale of E Week 2016 at Mount Carmel College (MCC), Bangalore.

The keynote was a very interactive session by Saveen S Hegde, an entrepreneur, corporate trainer, and humourist. He spoke about his journey from a hard core engineer to an entrepreneur, and how a mentor helped him reach this destination. Saveen also participated the audience by inviting some of them over to the podium and making them do activities. Vasanthi Venugopal, former Carmelite, former NEN educator and trainer, and the associate dean at STRAT School of Media Studies, was the chief guest at the event. She explained how she has witnessed the E Week celebrations over the years and how it has been continuously improving.

“Delivering the keynote address to such a diverse and fun loving audience was exciting. However, my moments of inspiration came after the event, from listening to students talk about their ideas, rejections, and failures. A country of a billion problems or a country of a billion opportunities?”

– Saveen S Hegde, Entrepreneur & Leadership Trainer

The inauguration was presided by Venkatesh Deshpande, the vice president of NEN, and Chaitali Sengupta, the NEN regional manager. Chaitali was quite excited when talking about the event. The host institute had organised and beautifully presented various cultural performances including dance, mime and fashion show. The highlight was that the E-Cell members of MCC organised the entire function with the sole profit gained from their campus company!

“NEN has evolved around the changing entrepreneurial and academic ecosystems. But the energy and passion associated with E Week has never gone down – this gives us inspiration and motivation move ahead.”

– Chaitali Sengupta, Regional Manager at NEN

Looking forward to next February

It is good to see that the students carry the spirit of entrepreneurship with so much passion and dedication. We are humbled that they have carried this essence of E Week to innovating and starting up new companies on a commercial level right from the college level. If this spirit of E-Cells are well channelized by colleges, India would turn into a startup hub and harvest more number of successful entrepreneurs.

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