16 Feb 2018

E-Week 2018 Day 6 (WOLF OF DALAL STREET)

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Entrepreneurship a word that contains a world in itself, for some, it’s about making a profit, and for some, it’s about creating the job. But, entrepreneurship is here to transform the world by solving bigger problems. Like initiating social changes, creating an innovative product or designing a new life-changing solution.

E-week (Udyamita) 2018


Event: Wolf of Dalal Street

Date &Timing:15/02/2018 &1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Dare to be Entrepreneur is a quiz event.

Virtual trading is one of the most fun ways to test one’s knowledge and to learn something new regarding Stock Market, in order to create a buzz we designed an exciting competition with an attractive prize for the students, there were 10 teams in total and they all participated with zeal.

Where we Provide Virtual Trading facility to participants with the help of Moneybhai.com in which we provide 1 Crore virtual money to each Participants team and told them to invest in stock Market. To check them a power of analysis and Knowledge participants have. And the result will be announced soon.

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