12 Feb 2018

E-WEEK 2018 : PART 2

Mr. Shubhabrata Mitra, CTS Mr.Somak Shome, Diector-PwC seminar poster hackatronix 2018 Hackatronix_Hackathon_inter college certificate

To stir up the idea of Entrepreneurship our college, Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology had organised an E-week which was inaugurated on 10th of February at 11 am. The interested student who came to be a part of this day had witnessed a really interactive seminar on ‘’INFORMATION SECURITY’’ which was conducted by Mr. Somak Shome(Director-PWC) and Mr. Shubhrata Mitra (SR manager CTS). The seminar wasn’t a one way communication type as the participants took initiative to ask their questions and elaborate their ideas. The seminar had definitely helped the student to gain some knowledge and idea about cyber security. The college campus was adorned with a beautiful rangoli depicting the logo of IIEDC, Wadhwani Foundation which was made by a group of enthusiastic students. There was also coding contest named “HACHATRONIX” (a Hackathon) organised by Megatronix,the technical club of the college in collaboration with IIEDC.

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