13 Feb 2018


As E Week commenced on 10th of February, different colleges from around the country started their activities with enthusiasm and Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi was one such institution. Student members of the institutes E-Cell, to financially support the events at E Week started a small business within the campus in which they made mojitos with a minimum amount of investment and sold it to students and faculty members in the college, thereby helping one understand the basics of revenue generation.

Among the leading events scheduled on the 13th of February, were street plays and a workshop on “Why Startup is so scary?”
The purpose of the street play was to spread awareness about the role of an E-Cell and entrepreneurship on a campus which consists of more than 22,000 students. The play was written and performed under the professional supervision of Dev Sharma. An interesting takeaway, was a punch in the play, which stated “Baji hai Entrepreneurship ki bell. Let’s join E-Cell.”

Additionally, the workshop on “Why Startup is so scary?” was undertaken by two young entrepreneurs – Nikhil Kamath and Mahadevan B Iyer who are the founders of the Entertainment firm, ‘Cut Coffee Paste’. Both the speakers spoke about why most students find entrepreneurship a daunting experience, the common challenges faced by young entrepreneurs and how to tackle these issues.

They also shattered type casted myths in movies and television about Entrepreneurship, thereby making entrepreneurship a household topic, rather than something that cannot be comprehended by the masses. Lastly, they asked students not to take decisions based on sentiments, but instead on a rational and logical decision-making processes.

A significant take-way from the workshop was “Nothing is impossible; it is you who can make a job hard or easy.”

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