15 Feb 2018


E Week 2018 saw a wide range of colleges and institutes finding new and innovative ways to promote entrepreneurship as well, as spread awareness about it. One such initiative was undertaken by the University of Engineering and Management (UEM), Jaipur.

The primary objective of the E Week celebration at UEM, this time was to promote awareness amongst the public about entrepreneurship. Their walkathon of about 6 kilometres achieved the same. 200 odd students who wore white T-shirts started their walkathon at 6.30 in the morning. The enthusiasm and zeal to participate in the event were not only limited to the students, but also the faculty at the campus.

The students of UEM also took up the initiative to plant trees around their campus in which 150-200 students came together to participate in the event, thereby also stressing the importance of conserving our environment.

Some of the significant events that happened on campus were E-Talk and Just Rs. 100. E-Talk saw speakers from different backgrounds help students understand the nuances of entrepreneurship and the best practices of setting and running a venture. The event was also an active method of debunking common myths that revolve around entrepreneurship.

Another exciting event which saw a massive footfall was “Just Rs.100”, here the students who made the most substantial profit by spending just Rs. 100 were deemed the winners. This activity worked as a living testament to the innovation driven minds of today.

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