12 Feb 2018

E Week -Day 2

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Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam
Udyami-Entrepreneurship Development Cell
Day 2 Report – Orphanage Visit

Udyami – Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of Our Institute celebrated the second day of the E week in a special way. We went to an orphanage, Sri Annai Illam, Othakuthiarai, Gobichettiapalyam where 13 children (Age group between 11 to 18 years) were staying with a pathetic fate. Most of them do not have parents. Their day to day life is supported financially by many donors and social service people. We conducted four events from 10.35 am to 1.15 pm, Mr.Arulkumar M V, student president of EDC initiated the programme with his inspiring talk on “Need of youngster’s in nation’s development”. Following this, debate, problem solving activity and role play have been executed by other members of EDC. We also did a skid on “leaders of future” by our students and triggered a spark on entrepreneurship among young minds through the stories of successful entrepreneurs. We strongly insisted them not to worry with poverty and inferiority complexes rather we motivated them to think out of the box with great thinking. We appreciated them by prizes and words. We donated a reasonable amount of Rs.2500/- to the children of orphanage to purchase study tables. We also distributed the millet cookies (sponsored during the first day workshop by Dr.P.Sathiyamoorthy, Managing Director, MOON FOODS, Tiruchengode.) to all children. The expense of this complete programme was sponsored by our EDC student members. Finally we concluded the programme with pledge taking and we got written feedback from the students regarding the outcome of the events. Among the 13 children, five of them really gave a positive feedback that “I will become entrepreneur”. Since we asked them to introduce themselves with their family, academic background with their ambition, most of them initially expressed that they want to take a job in varying fields but at the end of the programme, unfortunately we received a very direct feedback that some of them wants to become entrepreneur and thereby they wants to serve the society by giving jobs to others. Really we felt very happy that we have done our job successfully with our level best.

Address of the orphanage: Annai Illam, Othakuthirai, Gobichettipalayam.

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