14 Feb 2018


social pilot Aslam Charania shape of you Hashtag

Parul justified its tagline of being here be vibrant on the fourth day of E-week.

As usual, the day started at 10 am where Author Mr Aslam Charania discussed a lot of business stories with students.

He is an author who has written books on entrepreneurship. He had an interaction with almost 450 students and discussed the importance of being an entrepreneur.  He also talked about “why you need to start now and young?”

The session went on for about two hours. But being in the audience and then writing this, my comment is that it was impactful and the speaker’s passion and content were able to mesmerize me and the audience.

It inspired lot many people to think about entrepreneurship and give it a shot.

But the day was not only about inspiration.

We moved onto what we do the best the fun and experiential learning through games.

And this time we had three games lined up one by one.

The first one was the social pilot. An event aiming to find the solution of social problems using entrepreneurship as a tool.

It focused on identifying the problems at various state of the society and preparing their solutions accordingly.

For this event, the registered participants were provided with different problems for which they had to chalk out their innovative solutions and showcase it in the form of PowerPoint Presentations.

There were a total of nine topics that were given out to the participants and they had to select one. After the presentation, the forum was open for Q&A by the audience.

The participants were then judged for their presentations as per the following: The Practicality and Potential of the present idea, the way of presentation and the quality of the presentation.

The second one was the activity named Hashtag. It was an activity organized by our e-cell where we provided 3 correlated clues (words) to the participants. The participants had to identify the word based on the clues which were provided to them earlier.

Each participant was given a time span of 25 minutes to solve 11 question-based activity.

More than 15 teams participated in this fun activity and game.

Last activity for the day was Shape of you.

I know you might have started visualizing the song Shape of you in your mind.

But hold on we have just taken the line as a trigger to hook our students to this game.

The hook worked so well that students participated in numbers and we have to close the entry for it.

It was a team game and more than 15 teams participated in this game also.

In every team minimum, 2 and maximum three players were allowed.

A game of a different kind had a line like this that was what’s more interesting than shapes?

Easy peasy to play. Just follow three steps.

  1. Do math
  2. Take Chance!
  3. Shape it up!

The game tested the prediction and assumption power of the students.

The game ended with the game of predicting shapes.

And by this, you can predict what’s in store for day5?

So join us tomorrow for day 5 as we unveil another day full of enterprising spirit.

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