15 Feb 2018


The entrepreneurship development cell of Vasavi College of Engineering, consists of Swayam, the Innovation Centre and the Incubator Centre. The E-Cell successful ran a sum total of 80-90 events on campus with the prime objective being to help debunk and demystify common entrepreneurship related problems.

Some of the events that were held was the Ideation contest, which saw a footfall of more than 250 participants. Here, the participants were helped to convert their ideas into fully functional business models. The other events held by the E-Cell were workshops, events, flash mobs and other games which maintained a perfect balance between the technical and non-technical aspects of E Week.

A major highlight of the events were the walkathons and stalls which helped spread awareness about entrepreneurship on campus and otherwise. The one dollar venture, was another such event which helped grab the spotlight and proved successful with the footfall it received. The core traits that were helped to be developed were leadership and team building skills which helped the E-Leaders gain an upper hand in the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem.

6 campus companies were also launched to mark the inauguration of E Week. All in all, the events planned at the campus were carried out well, to great lengths due to the constant effort of the E-Leaders and the faculty, as a whole. On speaking with an E-Leader, he states, “The best place to start one’s idea is at campus, as it gives one the space to make mistakes and learn from them.”

The E-Cell has a very structured approach where it is divided into 4 main wings. The 4 wings are marketing, logistics, event management and analysis. This helps the team maintain objectivity and help run the E-Cell and E Week to successful lengths.

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