12 Feb 2018

Entrepreneurs Are Born Not Made

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Date : 10.02.2018

Time: 11:00 – 12:00

A talk session was conducted on the debatable topic “Entrepreneurs Are Born Not Made”, a topic raged for ages, by E-Leader Nishi Suman in presence of  Mr Rohit Sarkar,the honorable guest for that day from 11 P.M on 10th February the first day of IEM E-Week. As eager students gathered in the seminar hall, the lecture began with Nishi putting forward arguments both in favor as well as against the topic of discussion and Mr Rohit cited examples in support of her speech. However he strongly believed that an entrepreneur must possess personality traits such as vision, passion and drive that are innate and cannot be taught. “In contrary to the popular belief, the skills of evaluating opportunities, motivating people and operating a business can’t be easily passed on to students aspiring to be  entrepreneurs”, he added. While some people in the audience nodded in agreement, others didn’t feel the same way.  Questions were raised and examples were cited how duty to certain circumstances a man might change his outlook and thought process and end up being a successful businessman.

Every issue raised was countered by the other sector of believers. But it was an interesting session nevertheless and the students felt that they learnt a lot from it.

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