12 Feb 2018

Entrepreneurship & Corporate World


Date: 10.02.2018

Time: 15:00 – 16:00

The guest speaker for the session was Dipankar Chakrabarti who was kind enough to take time off his busy schedule to give the students a fair idea about the corporate world and the obstacles that they need to overcome to become successful entrepreneurs. It was a one hour seminar and saw active participation from the students of IEM,UEM,Heritage Institute and other renowned colleges.

He touched points about the current scenario in India and abroad about job market and why the world is moving towards saturation and how entrepreneurship can change the scenario. He highlighted the possibilities of outsourcing of work and how exactly entrepreneurship comes into the scenario.

“An entrepreneur is not a person who starts a company, but he is the person who actually solves a problem.”-he quoted.

He ended his speech by establishing the fact that Corporate industry cannot sustain without able entrepreneurs.


There was an interactive session at the end of the seminar where the speaker provided solutions to their unanswered questions.


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