13 Feb 2018

Expert talk

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The third day of the E-week opened with a gathering of all E-Members to be addressed by Prof. Ankur Chauhan. Where he inspired the young entrepreneurial minds with his own story behind his startup “SAAFGRAM”. He explained how he had to take out many ideas from his hat and make them work. He also told the members that his beginning was with minimal funds, borrowed money and made the best use of it for the lenders and himself. Mr. Chauhan aimed at making the city a better place by focusing his energies towards the cleanliness of Ghazipur. While sharing his journey and struggles therein he was preparing the members for the big world out there, and how they should never give up, the path maybe difficult but they should just keep going like he did. The story was inspirational and give all the members present some food for thought and the zeal for giving their dreams all they have, that’s when they will turn into a reality..

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