12 Feb 2018

Face painting mania- Day 1 of E week promotion.

IMG-20180207-WA0105 IMG-20180207-WA0103 IMG-20180211-WA0101 face paint IMG-20180207-WA0085

Here begins the E week promotion for the year 2018 at Dr. M.G.R Educational and research institute. Face painting stall was organised by E leaders and also the painting was done by our E leaders ( though we did not have much experience we drew well!!). The promotion was a huge hit as it got in lot of people and events , details about the e week was well promoted while the face painting was going on full flow ( marketing skills though!!) .The day 1 of promotion got in lot of registrations from the student side for various events. The head of digital marketing and creativity was held as a lab rat for testing the face painting ( of course its me) and he was promoting the event with the face paint which attracted crowd and made the show a hit.!!


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