20 Feb 2018


The E-Week at Kumararani Meena Muthaiah College of Arts and Science was one of a kind, as faculty members joined in the celebrations by organizing a bazaar of their own. The faculty at KMRRC emphasized that it was important to bridge the gap between students and staff members. The bazaar was set up to inspire students and bring out the entrepreneur in them. The faculty also procured materials from alumni members to organize the stalls. The various stalls that were set up included snacks stall, pickles stall, sweets stall, food stall, kanji stall, games stall, saree stall, dress stall, beauty product stall, engine oil stall, book stall and juke box stall etc.

Dr B Hema, Director for Centre for Entrepreneurship said that she wanted to set an example for student entrepreneurs by bringing together faculty members for a bazaar. “I wanted the faculty to participate as I feel that inspiring students is essential, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. I got a great response from my faculty members who put up a stall each. This is our way of popularizing the entrepreneurial spirit. We had a great response as most of our faculty members are first-time entrepreneurs, having never done something similar in the past. We felt motivated and after watching us, even the students got rid of all their inhibitions.We found value in the NEN course, and if you see, most of our faculty members are women, and they are very interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the near future. What is most important is that our students are now showing more interest in the area of entrepreneurship and we hope to enroll more students into the NEN course.”

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