15 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart : “The Only Week That Counts” #1


Entrepreneurship Week 2016 has been the most memorable time of my college life. The memories of
class fun, bunks and college fest altogether were less exciting than those of E-Week!
The fun, learning, excitement and enthusiasm cannot be defined into words. The winning streak of
Acropolis, involvement in the organising committee of various events, experiencing a new world in the
second year of college gave me a direction in life. It gave me a reason to come to college.
It was really disheartening to not being able to organise the Eweek in 2017!

But well, turns out that all the enthusiasm packed up for 2 years has come out as a blast this time.
Anxious to lead the 10th edition of the Entrepreneurship Week, curious to learn from and educate the
junior batches, excited to revisit the old memories and super excited to build new ones – we started
gearing up for the E-week 3 months prior to the scheduled date.
We began by brainstorming about the ideas to make this 10th edition even grander. It all started by the
regular meetings at college, narrating the stories and building up the excitement in the junior batches
since they did not witness the backend preparations last time. We scheduled the events according to
the theme, made the specific organising teams for various events and got ourselves prepared for the
Big Week!
The journey of last three months has been very special to me. This is my last semester in Acropolis. I
really wonder what would I do without this little family of me, when will I be able to witness
entrepreneurship flowing in the veins of so many students, just like me!
E-Cell, Acropolis gave me a purpose in college, it made my engineering worth. All of us have been
working religiously for E-week for the past few months. It is an inexpressible feeling to see the juniors
equally excited and inclined to the E-Cell. 
I hope this would help a little to overcome the despair of leaving the E-Cell family to enter into another world.
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