15 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart : “The Only Week That Counts”#2


Seems like all the yearlong efforts to prepare the team for the Entrepreneurship Week have bore
fruits. The complete team along with the E-Cell members have been working continuously for the
last two weeks, day and night to celebrate Entrepreneurship.
Right from the planning and plotting to the executions, it has been a roller coaster ride.
Entrepreneurship Week 2016 gave me some life lessons. It made me understand myself a little
deeper. Those days of my life are worth cherishing forever.
Hoping to relive those memories, with some added responsibilities, I was all set to celebrate the
spirit of entrepreneurship this year.
This, being the last time to be the part of the Entrepreneurship Week, is very special to me. Not
everybody is lucky enough to learn and gain experience during the graduation. Engineering has its
new meaning now. From a campus company to my own venture, E-Cell has been very helpful and
supportive to me. It helped me to make my own identity.
I have witnessed the hardwork and strategies behind the E-Week in my second year. I have seen
people going crazy and doing everything possible to maintain the winning streak of Acropolis. It is
now my responsibility to take this winning ritual of Acropolis ahead.
It seemed to be difficult this time, since the 10 th edition of the Entrepreneurship Week is the nation-
wide competition. But what’s the point of playing if the competition is not tough enough? I knew
that the championship is going to be one hell of an experience. What I did not know was that my
team is strong enough to face the challenges and come out of the storm together. The unity of my
team is one of the major strengths. We, as a team, believe that if the complete team spends even
15 minutes of a day together, it brings out the best of ideas and strengthens us as a team. Hence, we
made the habit to meet every day.
Preparations began. Documenting everything, revising the proposed events’ list, making the
execution plans, preparing the check lists, arranging all the required things…. And the numerous

We met daily, we talked daily, and we worked daily!
Our college timings automatically altered till 9 PM. The memories we made, the fun we had, the
things we learnt while working, the scolding we got, the way we turned the complete college upside
down, the way we painted the city in the colour of entrepreneurship - all of it made me realise that
sky is the limit and everything can be achieved when you have a strong team.
Promoting the E-Week in the city, in-house and out-house marketing strategies, looking out for
sponsors, narrating the previous E-Week stories was way too interesting for me. We are in the
middle of the Entrepreneurship Week and I am already missing the preparation days. Though we
celebrated 2 weeks in the spirit of Entrepreneurship this time, I wish that this does not end. The
Entrepreneurship Week is not less than some festival to us. It is as pious as Diwali and as colourful as
Holi. With all the excitement, along with all the enthusiasts, we shall promote the essence of
Entrepreneurship not only in the city, but nationwide.

All the life lessons I have taken, all the memories and fun are now added to my already piled up 
memories of the Entrepreneurship Week 2016.
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