16 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts” #4



I have been hearing about E-Week since like ages. When I was in my first year I have seen the aura of E-WEEK, how all the students were running down the aisle to manage the events, chasing their goal as a whole to spread entrepreneurship among all.Since then I want to be in their shoes and have to experience how it feels to be on toes right there and then.The shoulder you have bedside you, the young blood ready to put their energies to make the dreams into reality.
And now I am here to see things happening with my own eyes
From ideation to accomplishment
From hard work to results
From exhausted faces to happy dance.
I with my team are on a magical journey where we make memories, learn through experiences, design our path and above all we make mistakes, with no fear of losing but the aspiration to learn.


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