15 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts”#3


I could not even spell entrepreneurship correctly in my first year of college. Now, I have my own company
incubated in my campus. E-Cell, Acropolis is the spine to my career. Entrepreneurship and its various
domains are just magical.
All of it began after our semester exams. It began during the exams in the first place. The excitement could
not be controlled then. We used to meet a day before exams to discuss and plan the E-Week. It was all over
our minds by then.
December 23, 2017: Last semester exam
December 24, 2017: First “official” E-Week meeting.
All of us were eagerly waiting for the exams to get over so that we could start working for the most awaited
E-Week. I was super excited to organise and manage this nationwide competition. I never missed any
meeting, kept myself updated and worked with all my energy and resources.
Eventually, I realised all that I have heard about E-Week, which I felt was exaggeration, was actually true. It
brings out the side of you, you didn’t know exist. It is amazing how much can be done in a week. Moreover,
the transformation in an individual before and during the E-Week is just like a fairy tale. I, myself have
experienced this transformation. I never knew I had the technical skills. Even though I am a software
engineering student, I never tried my hand in designing websites. During the preparations of E-Week, I not
only made a website, but designed posters and made some videos as well. I would never have realised this
if this had not been for E-Cell.
Every day started with a new excitement but the same goal – to make myself capable enough to contribute
in the Entrepreneurship Week. Every morning had its own inspiration. I did not feel like having a holiday
even on Sundays. The days started and ended with the thought of the tasks to be done by me.
It is going to be really difficult to get back to the previous schedule now. The memories, fun and learning in
the past 2 months has been terrible.

I had to take a 2-days leave due to some family function at home. Physically, I was at my home, attending
the functions, but all I could think about was the fun I am missing out at college, the experiences I am
missing. This is the magic of Entrepreneurship. It runs in our veins now and Entrepreneurship Week is the
perfect time to celebrate the spirit of Entrepreneurship, to show the world what we are and what we can
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