16 Feb 2018



And when you enter college for the very first time, with lots of desires in your eyes you always dream of living those days which can make you an entirely different person. 
Well, E Week gives you those days and so much more that you can cherish for life. 

Being first year student,I attended my First E-Week as an audience. But what attracted me was some heart core people working, running, shouting and doing every possible stuff. 
And from that day I always dreamt of being one of those people.Soon I joined E Cell and that was the first step towards my desire. 
Hundreds of events lined up, executed simultaneously, thousands of audiences and one team. 
The team who spent their full day and even nights doing work, the team who work madly, the team who face goods and bad's together. And the only motto is E WEEK.
Nothing else really matters when your heart and soul is doing a work that you want. That hunger of wining something makes you do every possible thing.
Being part of the that team who is aiming to win everything makes me feel proud.
I always think of the days when me and my friend use to think may be some day we could be at the place of our seniors.
We were never made to be audience ,may be a participant and above all the organiser, the day we saw E-week 2015 we thought we have to be in committee
Who knew that it was just not like our perception it is way more.
A pool of experience, learning and  moments which we will praise till eternity.

Thank You E-Week for giving me memories and making me learn the traits of life.

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