16 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts”#6


The Entrepreneurship Week started with a usual BANG @Acropolis, 
but in a different style this year.The year long awaited enthusiasm and exuberant fun added more colours and jollity to the E-Week launch this year. 
Ecell buds did an amazing job in arranging the transport vehicles into E-Week formation with marvellous videographic view via drone.
Flashmob performance repleted the entire campus with breeze of entrepreneurship E-Week.
So we had a very great beginning but maintaining that phase is more important now, our team members were all at their best to make this happen.
They did creative work that really amazed me how creative todays members are.
I have seen three E-Week from the day I am in E-Cell .As the years pass by members became more energetic and far more imaginative.
We have decided all the events in such a way that no one should be left behind, every one should be painted with the colour of entrepreneurship.
My experience and todays leaders way of work have made a mark.
Never in my E-Cell journey we have the experience of having PitchBiz, TEDx, Krishiutthan. But you see now its a reality.We are organising such big events with the team by our side.
I have realised this in my entire journey of E-Cell,"All together in, we can make difference".
We never let the burden on us shatter our fun ,we somehow find our own way of fun. I now did not see my people as team they are now a family,

We fight, We argue, We agree, we disagree but at the end we are family.
Maybe this is why the title (the only week that counts).I always get emotional thinking about moments.
I love my team, I love my E-Cell.


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