16 Feb 2018

From A Leader’s Heart:”The Only Week That Counts”#7


It started with a regular hangout – discussing the memories of last E-week. 
Narrating the stories about E-week 2k16, when I attended the speaker sessions, involved myself into the city level events organised by E-Cell Acropolis , 
put up the stall in the street bazaar in my first year of college, getting excited to organise it this time, Bigger and bolder than ever!
All I knew was that the 10th edition of E-week at Acropolis should be something no one has ever experienced. 

I did not engage myself as the member of organising committee in the E-week 2k16, but I have seen people working day and night to make this week memorable. 
I have experienced the fun and frolic of E-week 2k16 but was unaware of the efforts and hard work behind the success of that event.

Nervous by the pressure to exceed the standards, I began to prepare for the events 2 months prior the E-week dates.
From framing an invitation for students to preparing creative’s, 
from looking out for sponsors to the in-house marketing – it had been a crazy journey with a life lesson.

Here begins the story of an exquisite chapter of my E-Cell journey!!

It was in my head day and night. This time I got to know the dance behind the curtains. 
I was all up and down, managing all work. Out of all, I got a little more than lucky as this time I had a very hard working team.
9th Feb was much of anxiety and nervousness. 
Reviewing the checklist again and again, looking at all the preparations for the hundredth time and what not?

The complete team stayed back at college till 10 at night. Working and enjoying together – indeed the best time. 
The preparations were all done. Tent was set, college was decorated, everything on the checklist as crossed. 
Heading back to home, the only thing in my mind was a prayer, a hope that everything goes right in the coming week!

Night was longer than ever, seemed like the sun didn’t wish to show up!

The first day of the Entrepreneurship week had begun!The morning had been no less frenzy than the entire month, because after all this was the judgement day. 
The hard work of entire month had to be proven today.The stalls were put up, students came in ready with their stuff, and Adastraa had been setup. 
In the Auditorium Pitch Biz was held, the start-ups were prepared to pitch and give their best shot in front of the panel of investors. 
In the other hall, the girl student entrepreneurs from all over the country were pitching their ideas. In every corner of Acropolis, in every department, there was some or other event going on.
As the students begin to turn up, anxiety grew! The happy and satisfied faces gave a big relief.

The appreciation motivated us all for the complete week. As it is said, well begun is half done! It really felt true!

E-week is not just some ordinary week, it is not just an event - It is an emotion, a feeling that bonded us all together and left some precious memories and lessons for lifetime!!
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