16 Feb 2018


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Program Date: 14th February , 2018

FULL 2 PAISA VASOOL IN IDEA GENERATION(Revenue generation Rs.2985)

Alongwith being profitable in terms of experience this activity also proved to be fun. Organised midst the celebration the Valentine’s Day, this event entertained the participants as well as the buyers.

Participants decided to put up stalls that went complementary with the day. And, it started with a bang. The event involved stalls of valentine gifts, fresh roses, chocolates and also a few games,.

The stall that grabbed a lot of attention was the game “TRY YOUR LUCK”. With this game Shubham Jagtap and Team , bagged an amount, though little, of  Rs.285/-.Being a Valentine’s day event, not to forget chocolates, this stall of lovely home made chocolates also grabbed a lot of buyers. Mukesh Bhati and Team managed to collect a good amount of Rs.1450/-.

Not to be left behind, the roses being the all time attraction, also was and equally good competition to other stalls, this stall generated an amount of Rs.1250/-.

The actual motive of this event was to encourage students for entrepreneurship, help them boost their managing and business skills. These participants however, gathered an overall amount of Rs.2985/-.It was a moment of happiness and enjoyment for the students and it turned out to be a great event.

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