15 Feb 2018


The E Week pledge was taken by about 110+ students at the inauguration. All the events and out-reach programs conducted by the E-Cell were sponsored exclusively by the E-Cell. These funds are raised by the E-Cell members with an interesting revenue model, where they utilize the money they get through the registrations. The registered members then depending on their core skill sets take in projects from both inside and outside campus, thereby raising funds by offering their services.

The main events of the E Week yatra were a talk conducted by the incubation cell which spoke about the fears of incubation and sharing one’s idea. The talk focused on demystifying the myths which revolve around the key challenges faced by entrepreneurs on campus. This was mainly to explain the common myths regarding entrepreneurship and incubation. The other events were a magazine launch, mock market, idea box exhibitions, a cyclathon and the launch of the successful student ventures, car rally and many more.

An interesting activity conducted by the institute was death note, which was a treasure hunt game where participants were expected to solve a murder mystery by solving riddles. The activity was a huge success as it saw a footfall of more than 100 participants making it the highlight of the show.

An interesting social campaign conducted by the institute was the car rally on Shivaratri. Here, the students travelled in cars to distant villages and distributed books and other things in an attempt the sensitize entrepreneurship in the rural areas.

With the mission to spread awareness about entrepreneurship on campus, the E-Cell leaders also printed pamphlets stating the benefits of entrepreneurship and why one needs to become an entrepreneur. This pamphlet was then circulated amongst the public in an attempt to change the mindset of people towards entrepreneurship.

The innovation driven campus also displayed the prototypes created by the budding entrepreneurs. These student ventures varied from 3D printing machines, gaming systems to even a humanoid project, thereby showing the extent to which these budding entrepreneurs are conquered the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

One of the eye-catching practices of this institute is their HR practices. The structured manner by which they run a club with over 200 members, is worth a read. Here, like at any corporate, there are segregated heads for each of the teams, such as media, publicity, events etc. and a designated HR team which then monitors the performances of each of these teams and reviews the committee members based on their performances.

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