15 Feb 2018

Hardwork at E-WEEK is my lullaby.

We have been putting our days and nights to make our PitchBiz a hit show.

Just to bring all the esteem investors at the same stage it took our number of sleepless nights loads of networking and above all the failures we face that bought our work into an oblivion.

We pulled all our strings to get the biggest of investors to help the growing startups.

As the days went by we build our mansion with small steps.

Facebook updating was always a major concern as we had a vision of bringing startups from pan Indian which surely would have been impossible without social media.

In our early stage, we were very low because of lack of response from people and startups but its is very well said that “alone you cannot do much together you can create impact”

Our team joined hands and we begin to see the light of hope and soon we started getting calls from regions of India which we never thought would show interest.

“PitchBiz” the name itself has a story and number of arguments, likes, dislikes and then “PitchBiz”.

We divided our show into two parts

First girl student(student with idea i.e., less than 1 year)

Second established startups.

All the group startups have to go for a number of shortlisting procedures which was conducted by our jury members.

After like fighting with the world only 12 startups  8 girl entrepreneurs were shortlisted.

Now that we have our things placed now the major task is the event day.

How can we forgot that we are from Entrepreneurship cell where everything is done solely by students and so we will be the managing sponsors and partners of the events.

Did I forget to tell that we have been working since our last examination hence you see we are so keen to work and no vacation but with our team by our side we barely felt that way we loved every ounce of our days spent.

Talking about our families, well it was hell hard to explain to them what we are doing as they never of understand our love for E-CELL and what we are doing in it , though I tried 2-3 times and then I quit doing it. Maybe that’s what learning our alumni always refers to.

We have evolved,

From convincing our college management to sponsors,

From calls to confirmations,

From publicity to footfalls

From designing to posters

From captions to reports


We have seen college gleaming with sunshine and its peaceful nights.

After a lot of backend work now it was a time to keep our foot in the filed.

Yes! today is the day, our handworks goanna pay us.

How nostalgic I am now,

Look at my college it seems to be painted with the colour of E-week

I could see handmade posters, torans, lights, lamps, flexes (designed by our students who now are turned into expert designers by designing number of posters for E-CELL events only)

The time I entered in auditorium I was awestruck how beautiful the stage seems I was admiring the scene in front of me and bamp I got a call that our great investors have arrived, we never had an idea how accommodation, travel and food is managed, But you see whenever we have been thrown in a new well it is difficult at first place to bring ourselves out but we never stop giving it a shot.

We somehow connected the links and its done.

Now that the auditorium is all pack with participants, investors, sponsors and audience we are moving towards making a great history.

I lost the track of time when pitching started, I have never imagined the ideas which the people are working on, they were simply amazing. Girls are nowhere behind. Their ideas and presentation skills are heavenly. If I were in the shoe of the investors I would be hell confused who is best and where to invest.

After like lots of pitching and Q&A out of 12 startups, 10 got an opportunity to have a further discussion with the investors whereas the girl entrepreneurs got awarded with cash prize of 10k,15k,25k respectively.

I have seen startups becoming Richie rich with a blink of an eye.

With a mind opening group discussion, we had a great closing of the PitchBiz.

Hang on it’s not the end of the day yet come in and see members sitting on the floor with laptops on their lap writing reports making Facebook captions.

I went home at 10:30 pm but its just numbers the memories which I have made, the work I have done today will be a lullaby for me to sleep.





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