12 Feb 2018


The inauguration of Atharva’s E-Cell, Ember Entrepreneurship Cell on 5th Oct 2018 with dignitaries like Dr T Prasad, Associate Professor, National Institute of Industrial Engineering and student-alumni entrepreneurs Nishikant Khandle, Agnee Adventures and Ashish Haldar, Apna Book Wala, revealed a promising start to what the future holds for the institute.

“Students must take entrepreneurship as an idea, and the aim should be to create at least one startup per college so that the country can have more entrepreneurship driven.”
– Dr T Prasad, Associate Professor, National Institute of Industrial Engineering

The institute, during its tenure, has held many events and fun activities such as “What’s my story,” which provides a platform for established student entrepreneurs from the same institute to showcase the challenges they faced and their learnings through the journey. The session also touched upon critical problems faced by most entrepreneurs such as financial management, budgeting and insider tips on how to survive in the market.

The institute has also conducted various awareness programs in entrepreneurship such as the “Entrepreneurship Drive” where the E-Leaders conduct workshops and leadership-driven seminars to educate students about the vast scope that entrepreneurship holds. Amongst other activities, the “Elevator’s Pitch” has been a massive success at the institute, where the budding entrepreneurs are made to pitch their ideas to the dignitaries. This event has seen many star startups gain the spotlight such as Amit Padhy’s Pulsovism Duo, Apna Book Wala, Tiffin for Sure and Glover, to name a few.

Another social entrepreneurship initiative held by the institute is “Adopt a village,” where the E-Cell members adopted a village called Kelwa, to help transform it. The primary focus of the students here was to help empower and educate the housemakers and locals, run successful SME’s and generate revenue through sustainable business models. Alongside this, they also plan on supporting the village to convert into more eco-friendly and sustainable energy resources, such as electric stoves and solar panels for electricity.

The E Week highlight at the institute was the “Idea Generation Workshop” held by Prof. Mohan Kumar which saw overwhelming participation from students across educational backgrounds who fought for a place in the finals. The vibrant and active E-Cell Leaders and members made the event a colossal success. All in all, the event portrayed a promising glimpse into the future filled with entrepreneurial leaders and the change makers of tomorrow at Atharva.

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