15 Dec 2016

Industry-Academia Partner For Innovating HR Practices & Alternate Finance

itm-e-cellE Week 2016 at ITM kick started on 20th February 2016 with inauguration and oath taking ceremony followed by an international conference on Inclusive Growth through Innovative HR Practices and Alternative Finance. The conference aimed at bringing the academia and industry together for finding the optimal mix between innovation and inclusive growth for co-creation of knowledge.

The conference was inaugurated by Holy Grace Prabhu Surdas from ISKCON Kharghar. Speaking on the occasion he mentioned how spiritual learning can counter the discontent and ever growing problems of modern society and business world.

The chief guest of the event was Mr Ramesh Iyer, the managing director of Mahindra Finance. He guided the audience on how alternative funding market is helping support the ambitions of Indian businesses and providing millions of dollars’ worth of capital.

Prof RSS Mani, the vice president of Institutional Development at ITM, threw light on the significance of this year’s E Week theme, Innovative Ideas for a Better Future.

Industry Experts and Academia Interact
As many as 550 academicians, corporate delegates, research scholars and students from various parts of country and the globe registered and attended the conference. The event provided a platform for young sparking minds to interact and gain knowledge by sharing and discussing ideas in front of industry experts.

Quoting Ms Sheena Thomson, the director of Digital EMEIA at Ernst & Young, about the conference, “An event like this not only helps us learn but also connect, establish relations and share ideas with young generation.”

“Listening to the insights of industry experts live gave us a fresh perspective and outlook to remodel traditional HR practices and financing options,” said Dr Lakshmi Mohan, the director of ITM Kharghar. She added that this event provided valuable inputs that the students can incorporate in their academic and profession endeavours.

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