13 Feb 2018


Dream University celebrated its 7th E Week, this year and stood as a silent witness to the exponential growth E Week has seen through the years. In a freewheeling chat with Dr D. Sarkar, Principal, Dream University, he shares his experiences in running E Week through the years.

When asked about his journey through E Week, he says, “I started off E Week, 7 years ago with just 12 students. Today, there is a significant change in the students. The growing zeal to learn and become the leaders of change is now evident. Thus, making the entrepreneurial dream, a working plan of action.” He adds, what started off as something which seemed like a vacation on campus, has now become one of the most awaited events of the college.

The E Week celebrations this time, included stalls, workshops, campaigns on social awareness, rallies, seminars and games, to name to few. The innovation-savvy institute plays a crucial role in motivating the students to be innovation and research-driven which also translates into their impact numbers each year.

Dr D. Sarkar, states “The activities in the E-Cell, not only help the students build their leadership skills, but also helps them get placed in good companies, with good packages as well, if they do not take entrepreneurship as a career path.” He adds, “Students have currently been placed in companies such as CGI, Accenture and Cognizant, to name a few.”

The unique add-on value at the institute is the emphasis it lays on the need for innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Both the E-Cell and the Incubator at the Institute play a vital role as brand ambassadors for the upcoming generations to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. The college has also emphasized on the mentoring aspects, thereby giving a wholesome approach to entrepreneurship.

“We conduct E Week, not for the sake of winning laurels for the institution, but to keep the students motivated and constantly inclined towards innovation-driven entrepreneurship. To keep the same spirit alive, we even have a day in each week, which is devoted only towards entrepreneurship. We call it the E-Day and make it mandatory for all students to participate in the various entrepreneurship driven, workshops and activities we have customized based on their needs. The sole purpose of the same is to ensure the students always remain passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.”
Dr D. Sarkar, Principal, Dream University

The E Week on campus saw a wide variety of events ranging from idea competitions, talks from leading entrepreneurs in the city and an exciting event named “Idea to Launch.” This seven-day event started off with the idea competition on day one, where the shortlisted candidates keep getting streamlined and pushed into the next level, up until the finale. The participants then enter the boot camp, B-Plan, investor pitching, product innovation stages. Finally, at the end of 7 days, the startup is ready for launch, in real-time. This event has grabbed the eyes of many budding entrepreneurs and is considered one of the highlights of the event.

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