12 Feb 2018

Let’s Watch A Movie

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The proper development of students’ personality isn’t developed through traditional classroom teaching alone. They must feel affection towards learning. Sometimes we need to get help from modern technologies to support this process.The students need frequent motivation to achieve their goals and the most effective way among them are inspirational movies.

Special screening of the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” was arranged separately in our two campuses on 10th of February 2018 during E-WEEK. An effort made by few and supported by many, it was a very successful event with over 120 students attending the screenings. An interactive session was held after the screening with our principal and a few professors where students shared their views on the movie.

Students put forth their ideas for further screenings on entrepreneurship and business modules for their start-up ideas. MBA students were inspired by such efforts and promised help and guidance to the budding entrepreneurs from other departments with their knowledge on economy and marketing.   

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