16 Feb 2018

Machine Learning Workshop Day 1

DSC_0099 DSC_0098

Nowadays, with the advancement of machine learning, technology is reaching new heights. As a result, the different branches of machine learning are emerging from the domain. One such area is known Image Processing. Computer Vision and Machine Learning are two core branches of Computer Science that can function, and power very sophisticated system that rely on CV and ML algorithms exclusively but when you combine the two, you can achieve even more. Keeping that in mind, IEM E-Cell organized ‘Image Processing with OpenCV” workshop for 2 days on 13th February and 15th February taken by Tapabrata Mukherjeee, IEDC member. This workshop was attended by a large number of students interested in Image Processing. On that day basics of Image Processing were covered. The topics included colour spaces, image processing, such as blur, smooth, transformation and edge detection, Haar classifier and many more. It was hands-on session in which participants were assigned a small task based on their limited knowledge. They were constantly guided by the instructor and volunteers helped in clearing doubts of the participants. They were excited about learning a new topic and were eagerly waiting for the next day of the workshop

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