13 Feb 2018

Management Games

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The Management Games was held on 10th February 2018 as a part of ITM E-week 2018. It was conducted in the Garden area between 11:00 am to 2:15 pm. Seven management games – back to back drawing, Building towers, The I’s have it, The name game, Jargon theatre, Guess it Make it and Time’s up were played.

The various games helped the students build leadership skills and organizing skills. The ones playing the game learnt to assess and complete tasks within a given time frame, helping them learn time management. In Back to Back, the students learnt to articulate and communicate images in words.  Alongside, the guessing games led to students learning about various business tycoons and companies.

Full support was given by the participants. They enjoyed each game, with healthy competition. It helped them to learn the creative thinking process pertaining to each game.  It also helped with participants to learn time management by completing the tasks within specific time duration. They mentioned that they learnt a lot of new things about the business world and knowledge in general through the games.

It was a good change to their monotonous schedule and learnt a few things along the fun.

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