12 Feb 2018

Media Engagement


Date: 10.02.2018

Time: 12:00 – 13:00

E-Cell, Institute of Engineering and Management was proud to have 91.9 Friends FM as their media partner. The people at 91.9 Friends FM had begun the publicity work few days prior to the inception of the event. People were made aware about the diverse variety of events being hosted and the exciting prizes and goodies that come along with it through the means of Radio.

91.9 Friends FM had also visited the IEM campus for a live broadcast of the ongoing events which pulled a huge crowd. Various students attending the events were interviewed where they shared their experiences on how interesting the events were conceptually and about how the spirit of entrepreneurship was being spread among the people. Prof. Avijit Bose was also interviewed by the Friends FM personnel. Prof. Bose very articulately explained how the presence of a working and successful E-Cell within a college helps its students in competing in the global market scenario as an independent and self-sufficient industrialist. He also touched upon the practical applications of all the events being conducted. The interviews pulled great crowds from around the arena as well as outside. They also covered the launch of Krafty Chocolates. 

The collaboration with 91.9 Friends FM made the events even more interactive and enhanced the net attendance of most events too.

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