14 Feb 2018

Mentoring Session by Mr. Hitesh Chaudhary

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Mentoring Session was organized for final year and third year students of Global Institute of Technology.  Mentor was Mr. Hitesh Chaudhary. Mr. Hitesh Choudhary is B.Tech in ECE and M.Tech in Information tech and cybersecurity. He got hired at Amazon, INC during his Ph.D. work and didn’t join there to explore his potential. He is Owner of 3 companies, IGNEUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd, DexCodeLab in India and recently registered third venture, LearnCodeOnline, INC in Delaware, USA. He taught the latest tech to 100K+ students globally (registered) and got 130K+ subscribers at Youtube. His courses also served at Paypal, Uber and Lyft at USA and many like IITB, SRM, VIT, TCS, Quick Heal etc in India. With his Team, he handled Renuva medicals IT sector. Renuva is one of the biggest medical firms in Canada. On a side note, He has been interviewed at many news channels and print media. He has traveled to all continents.

Mr. Chaudhary explained the role of latest programming languages and simulation tools in the industries. He guided the students about earn money from the webtools.  At the end of program, Dr. Renu Joshi, Director GIT, felicitated the guest and Dr. Ranjan Upadhyaya, Professor, HR gave vote of Thanks.

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