13 Feb 2018

Monopoly – E Week’s first Event

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Monopoly is a game that we designed ourselves in order to improve skills that are required to build a product based company.

The game consists of 3 rounds and the ultimate winner takes home cash prize of 2k.

  1. The first round of the game starts with the budget declaration by the event organizers. The participants are expected to try to include as many features as possible within the given budget!! You’ll be given precisely 20 min only for selecting the features. You need to prepare a presentation for the investors and try to convince them to invest money in your company. The teams to get the least investments will be eliminated form round 1.


  1. The second round in this game has been developed to test the decision making skills of your teams. In this round we give you a company that has failed in reality and you need to come up with a new strategy to make the company successful again. The strategy you guys plan needs to be pitched to the investors who will be judging it. Teams with poor strategy to improve the company that is at loss will eliminated.



  1. The final round is a game of monopoly on the monopoly board where you buy assets and increase the value of your company!
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